AMD 550 motherboards will work with any Ryzen processor

AMD 550 motherboards will work with any Ryzen processor

After AMD and motherboard manufacturers based on the B450 and X470 logic had to backtrack and add support for future Ryzen 4000 processors for them (though not without crutches), they decided not to repeat past mistakes. It seems that all motherboards based on the B550 chipset will receive support for all four generations of the AMD Ryzen series chips.

As the resource indicates Hardware times, many manufacturers of boards based on the B550 logic have equipped them not with one, but with two 32 MB each BIOS memory chips. Thanks to this, these boards will receive support for all Ryzen processors, starting from the first (Summit Ridge on Zen architecture) and ending with fourth (Vermeer on Zen 3 architecture), as well as all G-series hybrid processors (Raven Ridge, Picasso and future desktop Renoirs).

At the moment, it is known that motherboards from ASUS and ASRock will receive support. This is evidenced by the images that appeared on the Web.

There is no information on MSI and Gigabyte motherboards yet, but given the fact that these manufacturers are unlikely to want to be behind their competitors, it is very likely that they will also provide support for all Ryzen processors on their motherboards with B550 logic.

AMD B550 chipset replaces B450 logic for budget series motherboardsthat have become very popular among buyers. And while prices for new boards are still a mess, the market will adjust them over time. In the near future, AMD is also going to release a very budget A520 chipset. It will also receive support for Ryzen 4000 chips and Renoir desktop APUs for the Socket AM4 processor socket. But unlike motherboards based on the B550, models on the A520 will not receive PCIe 4.0 support and will be deprived of overclocking capabilities.

The main difference between the B550 and the older X570 chipset is that the latter has native support for the PCIe 4.0 bus at all levels, and the B550 offers its support only at the expense of the processor itself. The chipset itself will provide PCI Express lanes of only standard 3.0.

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