AMD Ryzen Leads Japanese CPU Retail Market Despite Intel Comet Lake Series Launch

AMD Ryzen Leads Japanese CPU Retail Market Despite Intel Comet Lake Series Launch

AMD Ryzen processors continue to lead the DIY retail market worldwide. The Asia-Pacific market is one example where AMD’s share of DIY processors has exceeded 50% in recent years. Recent data from Japan shows that AMD Ryzen processors retain a clear advantage over Intel solutions, despite the release of the 10th generation Comet Lake desktop chip family.

The latest figures for the DIY processor market came from the Japanese BCN Ranking portal. The chart compiled by the technical department shows DIY market share for AMD and Intel processors. Interestingly, the data does not apply to only one retailer, but includes retail sales throughout Japan. Current statistics show that AMD Ryzen processors, especially the 3rd generation Ryzen 3000 series, helped AMD maintain a 67.4% share in the previous month, while Intel processors only accounted for 32.6%.

For comparison: back in 2017, Intel occupied a huge market share of 83.9%, while AMD processors were content with only 16.1%. If you look at current statistics, market positions have changed fundamentally, and even the latest Intel 10th generation offers released last month did not really change the situation. According to BCN, AMD’s market share peaked in July 2019 with a staggering 68.6%. It was then that Ryzen 3000 processors appeared massively on store shelves.

Despite all the efforts of Intel, it seems that AMD Ryzen 3000 processors have not only a price advantage, but also lead in performance in some areas. These factors ensure the popularity of company chips in Asian countries. Last month, similar messages came from South Korea, where AMD overcame a 60 percent market share, becoming the most popular brand on the processor market and setting a new record.

It is worth saying that the success of AMD is observed not only in the segment of processors for desktop PCs. Even AMD processors for laptops show significant growth compared to the previous quarter: now in South Korea, AMD mobile CPUs occupy the largest market share in the last 10 years, let Intel still remain in the lead. Until recently, Intel held a strong position in the notebook segment, but the AMD Ryzen 4000 Renoir offers excellent energy efficiency and performance.

AMD will update its processors soon with the introduction of the Ryzen 3000XT, while lowering the price of existing Ryzen 3000 chips; and at the end of the year we will see the Ryzen 4000 Vermeer, – it seems that the company is ready to set new records.

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