AMD Ryzen PRO processors are registered in HP computers for corporate users

AMD Ryzen PRO processors are registered in HP computers for corporate users

AMD Ryzen processors have gained immense popularity over the years and deservedly so. One of the signs of the adoption of these chips is that they began to appear in systems for the enterprise segment of various manufacturers. Among them are HP – in its range there are quite a few offers for corporate clients based on AMD chips. However, taking into account the specifics, HP chooses not ordinary processors for its business computers, but special ones – Ryzen PRO.

Ryzen PRO processors are purposefully designed for office, commercial and other professional applications. This series presents offerings for both desktop systems and laptops. A key feature of any AMD Ryzen processor is that it offers great performance at an affordable price. This combination has not gone anywhere in the Ryzen PRO for professional systems, but various functions important in a business environment have been added to it, such as improved security and remote administration. And Ryzen PRO APUs add powerful on-board graphics to powerful processing cores, making them great for compact work systems.

For desktop computers, AMD has a wide selection of classic and hybrid processors, making it easy to customize the solution to your specific needs. For the most basic office systems, AMD A-series, Athlon PRO, and Ryzen 3 PRO chips are offered, which have anywhere from two to four cores, up to eight threads and entry-level integrated graphics. More advanced systems for intensive workloads are built on Ryzen 5 PRO and Ryzen 7 PRO chips. They already have up to eight cores and sixteen threads, and offer a very impressive level of performance. There are also models with powerful integrated graphics in these series.

For business notebooks, AMD also offers a variety of solutions. Here, Ryzen PRO processors offer from two to eight cores and, accordingly, from four to sixteen threads. All AMD mobile chips are equipped with integrated graphics, and in many cases very productive, which can confidently compete with discrete entry-level mobile video cards.

Speaking about the specific features of the Ryzen PRO, first of all, it is worth noting the advanced security and data protection capabilities at various levels. A number of security functions are laid down at the level of the Zen architecture (and its subsequent versions), and a special dedicated unit – “platform security processor” (AMD Secure) is also responsible for security. Also among the possibilities is the AMD Memory Guard function that came from the servers, which provides real-time encryption of RAM, which increases system protection in case of loss or theft of a computer, which is especially important for business laptops.

Another important feature of computers used in offices and corporate environments in general is the ability to conveniently administer. Here, AMD Ryzen PRO processors are also doing their best by supporting a set of advanced remote management features that simplify deployment, imaging and monitoring. Moreover, they are declared to be compatible with the existing infrastructure, which further simplifies the work of system administrators. For example, AMD Ryzen PRO processors support Microsoft Endpoint Manager, making it easy to create cloud-based solutions for managing a fleet of office computers.

AMD emphasizes the high reliability and durability of the Ryzen PRO processors, as well as high quality and stability. And, of course, AMD offers extended support times and increased order availability for its commercial products, so corporate customers can be sure they won’t be left without the right processor.

HP traditionally offers a wide range of desktop and notebook computers for the commercial sector. Some of them are now participating in OCS’s “Simple Arithmetic with AMD” promotion, which allows these computers to be purchased at a discount.

The eligible desktop range includes the HP 285 MT and Pro A MT Compact PCs, the HP ProDesk 405 G4 Desktop Mini and SFF, and the HP EliteDesk 705 Desktop Mini, SFF and Mini Tower. They are available in a variety of chassis form factors and configurations with Ryzen PRO 2000 and 3000 APUs. Also offered is an all-in-one (all-in-one) HP 205 AiO, built on AMD Ryzen PRO 2000 series mobile processors.

There are even more HP notebooks with AMD processors. These are the HP 245 and 255, the HP ProBook 445, 455, 445R and 455R, the HP EliteBook 725, 735, 745 and 755, and the Probook x360 435. Business notebooks are offered here with a variety of display sizes, from 12.5 to 15. 6 inches, as well as models with touchscreens and a hybrid design that allows them to be used as a tablet.

These enterprise-class mobile computers are based on a wide variety of AMD mobile processors, from the Zen-based Ryzen PRO 2000U series to the latest Ryzen PRO 4000U Zen 2 cores. Note that most configurations rely on the powerful integrated graphics of AMD processors.

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