AMD slams Rembrandt APUs with Zen 3 cores, Navi 2 graphics and DDR5 support in 2022

AMD slams Rembrandt APUs with Zen 3 cores, Navi 2 graphics and DDR5 support in 2022

There are more reports of AMD’s next generation APU, codenamed Rembrandt. An informant @MebiuW is gradually revealing AMD’s plans by posting snippets of an inner slide. According to the presented (not yet fully assembled) slide, in 2022 AMD will release Raphael, Dragon Crest (codename confirmed by the whistleblower himself) and Rembrandt processors.

Judging by the information from the slide, Rembrandt hybrid processors will be printed in compliance with 6nm standards. Previously, only the 5nm process technology featured in AMD’s next-generation chips, but it looks like the company decided to play it safe so as not to once again face a shortage of new crystals. Also, Rembrandt should receive computational cores with Zen 3 architecture and integrated graphics of the next generation Navi 2.

AMD Rembrandt is the codename for next generation APUs designed for both desktop and laptop PCs. These processors will be the successors of Cezanne, which will replace the modern Renoir processors in the market. Rembrandt will enter the market around 2022. AMD will reportedly sell the Ryzen 5000 series Vermeer and Cezanne processors under the market names of the Ryzen 5000 series. In this case, Rembrandt could get model numbers like 6000G and 6000H, and their architecture should provide a target power consumption of 45-65W.

More controversial informant @patrickschur_ also provided new data on this product. According to his latest tweet, AMD Rembrand will support DDR5-5200 memory and up to 20 PCIe 4.0 lanes, and in this series of APUs, AMD will move to a new pad – rumored to be AM5. Switching to Socket AM5 will provide support for the next generation DDR5 memory, but will put an end to compatibility with older motherboards.

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