AMD unveils reference design for Radeon RX 6000

AMD unveils reference design for Radeon RX 6000

It seems that AMD itself is tired of waiting for the announcement of its own new video cards and therefore could not resist a little “seed” before a full-fledged presentation. On the official page of the Radeon RX brand on Twitter, an image of the reference design of gaming graphics solutions of the Radeon RX 6000 series has appeared. Recall, its announcement is expected on October 28.

Apparently, the new series of AMD graphics cards will consist of massive graphics accelerators. The first thing that catches your eye is the large cooling system with three fans. But despite the seeming bulkiness, the cards in the system unit will occupy two expansion slots.

Upon closer inspection, it becomes obvious that somewhere we have already seen this. The design of the RX 6000 resembles a mixture of the Radeon VII and reference versions of NVIDIA GeForce RTX 20-series graphics cards. This becomes noticeable if you look at the smooth corners of the cooling system casing, as well as the central plate with a large Radeon inscription, which covers part of the radiator.

“Listen, let me write off my homework? On, just do not write off exactly. Okay!

“Listen, let me write off my homework? On, just do not write off exactly. Okay! “

The most interesting thing is that such a solution is clearly not the most successful one. Owners of the reference GeForce RTX 20-series often complained that the central area of ​​the casing was quite severely blocking the airflow, as a result of which the cooling system did not work as efficiently as it would like.

The second interesting point is the presence of two 8-pin power connectors. This configuration is capable of transmitting up to 375 watts of power to the graphics accelerator. AMD itself does not say which graphics card model is shown in the published image. Perhaps this is the older model in the series, but perhaps not. Therefore, it is not yet possible to speak about the final number of these connectors.

By the way, the company also announced that the three-dimensional image of the RX 6000 series video card can be found in the Fortnite game on Creative Island at coordinates 8651-9841-1639. There you can see the connector panel. Apparently, the new AMD graphics cards will receive two DisplayPort (most likely version 1.4), one HDMI (probably version 2.1) and one USB Type-C. Images of the card from the game are shown below in the gallery.

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