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AMD Van Gogh Hybrid Processors Be First to Get RDNA 2 Embedded Graphics

Due to the nature of the development cycle, AMD hybrid processors have so far received a new integrated graphics architecture with significant delay relative to the discrete segment. So they will switch to RDNA architecture not earlier than next year, moreover, in the most economical version for mobile use.

Image Source: Wikipedia

Image Source: Wikipedia

Hybrid 7-nm Cezanne processors should be the successors of the Renoir processors in the desktop and mobile segments, which will combine the architecture of the Zen 3 computing cores and the graphics of the Vega 20 generation. According to German resource Igor’s LAB, hopes for the appearance of integrated Navi graphics in Cezanne processors were in vain. in practice, they will receive Vega 20 graphics – albeit updated, but of the previous generation.

Image Source: Igor's LAB

Image Source: Igor’s LAB

Now Cezanne hybrid processors, according to the source, already exist in the form of stepping samples A0. If their announcement, as previously reported, is scheduled for January next year, then AMD has sufficient time to transfer Cezanne to a more advanced stepping. Processors of this family will retain the design of Socket FT6 in the mobile segment and Socket AM4 in the desktop. In the first case, the release of new laptop models will be simplified due to continuity with its predecessors, in the second case compatibility with existing motherboards will be ensured. Relatively speaking, the relevance of the Socket AM4 connector will be maintained in 2021, albeit for the segment of hybrid solutions.

AMD’s first-born with RDNA 2 architecture among hybrid processors should be Socket FT3 mobile Van Gogh, on the basis of which the most economical solutions will be created. These processors also exist in the form of A0 stepping patterns, and Navi 21 is mentioned as their integrated graphics. Most likely, Van Gogh hybrid processors with ultra-low power consumption will be presented in 2021, and their computing cores will be satisfied with the Zen 2 architecture.

Cezanne’s successors in the desktop and mobile segments in 2022 will be the Rembrandt hybrid processors, according to the source. Only then will the architecture of RDNA 2 form the basis of the integrated graphics of AMD desktop processors. Thus, in the desktop segment, AMD will immediately jump from Vega to RDNA 2, bypassing the first-generation RDNA architecture. Computing cores of Rembrandt processors will have to be manufactured using 6-nm technology and use the Zen 3+ architecture, and along with a change in design, support for DDR5 memory will also be implemented.

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