Условное место соединенния двух самостоятельных кристаллов методом контакт к контакту. Источник изображения: Applied Materials

American and Dutch companies will jointly create equipment for the production of microcircuits from chiplets

Numerous news of recent years about the improvement of technologies for multichip packaging of chips more clearly indicates that further the notorious Moore’s law will be observed with amendments for the spatial layout of microcircuits. But for this to happen, industrial equipment manufacturers must have their say. Applied Materials and BE Semiconductor Industries were among the first to join the development process.

Conventional place of connection of two independent crystals by the contact-to-contact method. Image source: Applied Materials

Conventional place of connection of two independent crystals by the “contact to contact” method. Image source: Applied Materials

Recently, the American Applied Materials and the Dutch BE Semiconductor Industries (Besi) announced the creation of a joint development group for technological processes and industrial plants to ensure the commercial operation of technologies for hybrid connection of crystals (chiplets) in multi-chip layouts.

“The hybrid uses direct copper-to-copper interconnects to increase I / O density while reducing inter-chip wiring, which improves overall performance, reduces power and costs.”Applied Materials press release said.

A hybrid connection creates electrical contacts between multiple chip-shaped chiplets using straight copper interconnects. This is not the only method for joining crystals, but it is believed to be one of the most effective. According to the developers, such connections will allow several dissimilar crystals to work no worse and even better than if they were made on one monolithic piece of silicon. Obviously, this is, at least, true from the point of view of reducing the level of scrap and from the point of view of reducing the length of conductors, and this is heat generation, consumption and other disadvantages of large crystals.

The process and equipment development program will be implemented by joint engineering teams from both companies at the Applied Materials Packaging Excellence Center in Singapore. It is claimed to be the industry’s leading R&D center.

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