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American court to consider antitrust lawsuit against Google in autumn 2023

Judge Amit Mehta said during a hearing on Friday that the US Department of Justice (DOJ) antitrust lawsuit against Google is likely to go to court only in late 2023. Both parties agreed on the designated time frame, and the judge set September 12, 2023 as the tentative date for the start of the trial.

Image: Ben Gabbe / Getty Images

Image: Ben Gabbe / Getty Images

The established timeline shows that Google has a long way to go against pressure from the US government, which is due to antitrust investigations. At the moment, state attorneys have filed two lawsuits against Google, and another is being investigated by the Department of Justice. It is possible that in the future, some of these claims will be combined and they will be considered within the framework of one court process.

The date set by the judge suggests that Google audits will remain in the public eye for several years. In the short term, such a state of affairs is beneficial for the investor, since a lengthy investigation means that structural changes that could harm the company’s value will not occur in the near future. It also means that further activities of Google, which will be under close scrutiny of the authorities, may become more cautious in terms of expanding business in new directions and making large purchases.

Earlier, Judge Mehta spoke of a desire to speed up the DOJ’s antitrust lawsuit against Google. However, the time frames proposed by the parties to the proceedings indicate that even a relatively quick process will take years. A DOJ spokesman said that the trial itself could last 10 to 12 weeks, while Google believes the trial will be completed much faster.

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