American NGO demanded to remove Telegram from the App Store

The American non-profit organization Coalition for a Safer Web has asked Apple to remove Telegram from the App Store. Writes about this The Washington Post. NGO representatives claim that racist and neo-Nazi publications are distributed through the messenger.


The coalition is led by former US ambassador to Morocco, Marc Ginsberg. He claims that Telegram “Stands out as a distributor of hate speech”… As a Jew, he also said that the messenger spreads anti-Semitic content that endangers him, and that possession of an iPhone gives him the right to sue Apple and demand a ban on apps that incite violence.

The organization’s lawyer, Keith Altman, said the coalition is preparing a similar lawsuit against Google. Telegram and Apple have not yet commented on the situation.

The publication notes that the plaintiff may face insurmountable obstacles. The point is that Apple’s customer service capabilities are vast, which gives the company the freedom to put apps on the store. In addition, services similar to Telegram are not required to remove unwanted content – they are only required to consider user complaints about offensive content.

For example, in 2019, The Washington Post talked about posting sexual, racist, and other objectionable content in messengers for kids. Apple refused to block them, under the pretext that they were using certain content moderation and other security measures.

This is not Ginsberg’s first complaint about Telegram. In July 2020, he sent a letter to Apple CEO Tim Cook urging him to speak out against nationalism and anti-Semitism on Telegram. According to him, Cook did not respond to the letter.

As a reminder, Telegram’s popularity skyrocketed in mid-January. Experts differ on the reasons for the growth. Some attributed this to changes to WhatsApp’s privacy policy, while others linked it to a spike in US censorship triggered by election protests.

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