Amid US pressure, TikTok mulls moving headquarters to London

Amid US pressure, TikTok mulls moving headquarters to London

TikTok has not been doing well lately: the clouds are gathering, and the US government is going to impose a complete ban on the parent company ByteDance by analogy with Huawei. Over the past several months, TikTok has been discussing with the UK government the possibility of moving its headquarters to London, Reuters reports.

London is one of several locations the company is considering as a new location for its headquarters, whistleblowers say, but no decisions have been made so far. It’s not clear what other options TikTok is exploring, but this year it has been actively hiring people in California, including former Walt Disney executive Kevin Mayer, who became the new CEO of TikTok and now lives in the US.

The source said the company has been preoccupied with its problems in the United States over the past few weeks, but London may be the new home for the company. TikTok is expected to significantly increase its headcount in London and other cities outside of China over the next few years.

Although The Sunday Times reported that Tiktok has already stopped negotiations with the UK government to open its main headquarters in that country, the source claims that the company continues to discuss the matter with British officials. TikTok declined to comment on the rumors.

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