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An engine demonstrator for advanced orbital aircraft and hypersonic missiles was tested in Russia

As reported on the Rostec website, the United Engine Corporation of Rostec has completed the first stage of testing a demonstrator of a ramjet pulsating detonation engine. Simplicity of design and increased efficiency and thrust promise a qualitative development of Russian rocket and space systems.

Image source: Rostec

Image source: Rostec

During tests in individual modes, the power plant demonstrated an increase in specific thrust up to 50% in comparison with conventional engines. This can be converted into the range and payload of missiles or orbital aircraft by increasing one of these parameters by 30-50%.

“The pulsating detonation engine is a new type of power plant for aviation, – the document says. – It implements a more economical thermodynamic cycle, in contrast to the one used in existing gas turbine engines. In the OKB them. A. Lyulki (a branch of PJSC “UEC-UMPO”) a separate direction for the development of such power plants has been formed. “

The proposed engine can be used on orbital aircraft, supersonic and hypersonic aircraft, and promising rocket and space systems. Thanks to the new engines, the aircraft’s maneuverability will also increase and the flight dynamics will improve. Such engines can be both an addition to and a replacement for traditional engines in air-breathing propulsion systems.

“The simplicity of the design and the relatively low requirements for the values ​​of the gas-dynamic parameters make it possible to apply the technologies developed on the previous generations of engines during its creation. This gives a great commercial and economic advantage in comparison with the developed promising engines of traditional schemes “, – noted the General Designer-Director of the A. Lyulka Design Bureau Evgeny Marchukov.

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