an essential part of the main character's arsenal in the new Deathloop gameplay video

an essential part of the main character’s arsenal in the new Deathloop gameplay video

Game Informer has posted on its official website a new gameplay trailer from the hotly anticipated roguelike shooter Deathloop from Bethesda Softworks and Arkane Studios.

The video released by Game Informer is just over four minutes long and is dedicated to the arsenal of the main character Deathloop – a hitman named Colt Van stuck in a time loop.

Journalists immediately warn that not all types of weapons were shown in the video, however, it got into the video “Substantial” part “Storage of unique equipment”available to the protagonist of Deathloop.

In the excerpt, there was a machete, a silent PT-5 Spiker nail gun, a Rapier single-shot shotgun (effective at long distances), a Strelak 50-50 assault rifle, The Fourpounder large-caliber pistol, and others.

According to Game Informer journalists, each confrontation in Deathloop can be resolved in several ways, and a rich arsenal of unique weapons should only encourage experimentation.

In a recent interview with the publication, Deathloop director Dinga Bakaba spoke about the size of Black Reef Island, where the game takes place, the structure of the adventure, and the loopholes that open as you progress.

Release Deathloop is expected on May 21 this year for PC (Steam, Bethesda Launcher) and PS5. Earlier it was reported that it will take from 12 to 16 hours to overcome the storyline campaign of the roguelike shooter.

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