An updated flexible "clamshell" Motorola Razr is presented. Now with 5G and improved cameras

An updated flexible “clamshell” Motorola Razr is presented. Now with 5G and improved cameras

Motorola quietly unveiled the second generation of the resurrected iconic clamshell Moto Razr with a flexible screen. The updated model received support for the 5G hundredth communication standard, as well as an improved set of cameras.

The overall design has remained largely unchanged since the release of the original flexible smartphone, which went on sale earlier this year. The device is still equipped with a 6.2-inch bendable display with an aspect ratio of 21.9: 9. The outer front cover of the device houses a 2.7-inch OLED Quick View display that allows you to quickly check incoming messages, as well as perform some other basic functions without opening the phone.

The main changes were made to the internal layout of the device. At the heart of the smartphone is a more powerful Snapdragon 765G processor with 5G support. The amount of RAM has increased from 6 to 8 GB. The amount of internal memory is now twice as large at 256 GB. Also, the updated model received a more capacious 2800 mAh battery.

The fingerprint scanner has moved from the front of the device to the back, making it much easier to unlock your phone. The original model had it on the frontal “island”. And reaching out with your thumb was not always comfortable.

The camera set on the original Moto Razr consisted of a weak 5MP front and 16MP main camera. The latter was more or less effective only in good lighting conditions. The updated model now has a 20-megapixel sensor in front, and the resolution of the main sensor located on the back of the device is 48 megapixels. In addition, the latter received a laser autofocus, as well as an optical stabilization system. By the way, thanks to the folding design of the device for selfies, you can use not only the internal front camera, but also the main camera. When the smartphone is folded, its peephole looks directly at the user.

Motorola has also made a number of significant improvements to the smartphone software, such as expanding the functionality of the external display. Now it allows you to use a variety of applications, including Google Maps, YouTube, games (if of course someone wants to play on a 2.7-inch display). In addition, you can reply to messages using the external display without opening the entire phone.

Unfortunately, the company does not indicate if it has made any changes to the phone’s opening and closing mechanism. As the portal The Verge points out, the owners of the original model raised many questions about it. However, Motorola said that it “collected and took into account all the feedback from the owners of the original Razr model”And now promises that the mechanism will be able to work without any complaints for up to 5 years. Even for those users who open and close the device up to 100 times a day. But, we repeat, the company did not provide any specific details about the durability and strength of this mechanism.

Unlike the original version, which was exclusive to the American telecom operator Verizon, the updated Moto Razr smartphone has become more affordable. The device is now available not only from Verizon, but also from AT&T and T-Mobile. In addition, the new product will be available without being tied to any of the operators. You can find it at Best Buy, B&H Photo, Amazon and Motorola’s own website.

Motorola has not yet announced the exact date when the device will be on sale, but indicates that the model will also be available from some Chinese, European, Latin American retailers, as well as in some countries in the Middle East and Asia-Pacific region. The manufacturer estimated the updated version of the Moto Razr 5G at $ 1399. This is $ 100 less than the original model. Sales will begin this fall.

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