Android 12 will support control by tapping on the body of the device

Android 12 will support control by tapping on the body of the device

Last year, information appeared that developers from Google intend to add support for executing various commands in Android 11 by tapping on the back of the device. Ultimately, however, this feature was not implemented, and now online sources are saying that some semblance of the tool will be available in Android 12, which is due to launch this year.

Android 11 has reportedly codenamed Columbus support for tapping on the body. It was assumed that the user would only need to lightly tap twice on the back of the device to perform an action. By default, this action activated the Google Assistant voice assistant, but if necessary, you can set some other command, for example, start the camera, stop the alarm, play and stop the video, mute the sound, etc.

For some reason, by the time Android 11 launched, the developers decided to stop using the Columbus tool. Now it became known that a similarity of this function will be available to the owner of devices running Android 12. The source says that by tapping on the body of the device it will be possible to activate Google Assistant, take screenshots, stop and resume playback of media content, open the panel notifications, open a list of recently used applications. If necessary, this function can be disabled in the device settings.

It is worth noting that Google has not yet released a single beta version of Android 12. This means that by the time the OS is launched, the tool for activating functions by tapping on the body may be changed or not included at all in the assembly.

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