Android update introduces password leak checking, delayed messages and other trivia

Android update introduces password leak checking, delayed messages and other trivia

Google today announced an update to the Android mobile operating system, which contains a number of convenient and useful features. This package is distributed outside the global OS update cycle, so even those users whose devices are running previous versions of Android can experience the new features. Their deployment will take place in the coming days and weeks.

The update includes a new password verification tool, adds deferred message functionality, and expands the capabilities of TalkBack, Google Maps, Google Assistant, and Android Auto. The password check feature will be available on all devices running Android 9 and above. It will warn users about the use of passwords that have been compromised. This feature is tightly integrated with Google AutoComplete, so when using it, credentials will also be checked against a list of known hacked passwords. The tool can redirect the user to the Google Password Manager page, where they can view all the passwords saved by AutoFill and check them for problems.

Also, with the latest update, users will be able to schedule sending messages. In order to use it, just enter the text of the message, and then press and hold the send button to select the date and time for sending. This feature requires the latest version of the Android Messages app.

The updated TalkBack application, which allows visually impaired users to control the device using gestures and voice, has acquired support for a host of new gestures that enhance the interaction with a smartphone. Users can now add or remove options from the TalkBack menu to customize the interface according to their needs. In addition, the Braille keyboard now has support for Arabic and Spanish. According to Google, this feature will only be available to owners of Pixel and Samsung Galaxy smartphones with One UI 3 shell.

Among other things, the latest update adds minor improvements to the Google Maps, Google Assistant and Android Auto apps. Maps now have a dark mode that can be set as the default skin. The Google Assistant app can now be used when the smartphone is locked or far from the user. Android Auto now allows you to use custom wallpapers and includes voice games that can be launched with a voice command. In addition, shortcuts for quick access to contacts and Google Assistant appeared on the home screen. Cars with widescreen displays will be able to use a split-screen function to display Google Maps and media controls at the same time. The new Android Auto features will be available on all devices running Android 6 or higher.

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