Gullibility and illiteracy: in the UK appeared on sale

“anti-5G radiation” appeared on sale in the UK

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Natalya Solovyova | 05/31/2020

Gullibility and illiteracy: in the UK appeared on sale

In the UK, whose residents are massively opposing the spread of the latest generation of cellular standard, a gadget for protection against 5G went on sale. The device is quite expensive.
  cybersecurity experts studied it and came to the conclusion that the British were offered a fake.

Glastonbury – at the forefront of the fight against 5G

A device called 5GBioShield began to be sold in the British city of Glastonbury (Glastonbury), which has become a kind of center to combat the spread of the 5G cellular standard. In the city
  The Glastonbury Council has even formed and conducts a separate Advisory Committee on last-generation communications calling for an investigation into 5G. Its members
  oppose the widespread deployment of networks across the country, because, in their opinion, this could adversely affect the health of citizens. With the onset of the pandemic, when the web began to spread
  conspiracy theories related to the influence of 5G on human immunity, attacks on networks intensified, and in the city, as well as throughout the country, activists of this fight set fire to the cell tower, which affected
  equipment. It is interesting to note that on most of the damaged towers, devices for functioning 5G networks have not yet been installed.

According to the BBC, one of the members of the 5G Glastonbury committee Toby Hall publicly recommended the townspeople
  use a device called 5GBioShield, which is supposedly able to protect against harmful radiation emitted by new standard networks and cellular equipment. “We use it
  device and find it useful, ”he said. “Thanks to the process of quantum oscillations, the 5GBioShield USB key balances and re-harmonizes the alarming frequencies caused by
  “electric fog caused by devices such as laptops, cordless phones, Wi-Fi, tablets, etc.”

Externally, the 5GBioShield device is a plastic box with a switch and a green LED on the side and a battery compartment at the back, and resembles a flash drive. Its manufacturer is
  Bioshield Distribution Company. If you believe the official website of the company, the media write, the gadget “provides protection for your home and your family thanks to a holographic nanolayer catalyst,
  which can be worn or placed next to a smartphone or any other device with electric, radiation or electromagnetic radiation. ” The cost of the device is quite high – almost
  340 pounds (about 30 thousand rubles), including VAT.

Fake exposure

Experts at Pen Test Partners, a specialist in consumer electronics parsing and vulnerability research, Ken Munro and Phil Eveleigh decided to find out
  Is the 5GBioShield device really different from the external storage devices manufactured by the PRC, to which it is so similar, and which are sold at 5 pounds. As it turned out, the only difference is
  round stationery sticker on the case, costing less than 1 pence. Inside the device, experts also did not find any innovative components – the gadget for protection against 5G turned out, in fact,
  an external drive with a memory capacity of only 128 MB and with an LED installed on the printed circuit board, similar to those installed on any other USB-drive.

Anna Grochowalska, one of the directors of BioShield Distribution, said in response to questions from the BBC about why a simple flash drive is being sold at such an expensive price.
  the company is the sole distributor of 5GBioShield, but does not manufacture these devices on its own. “We have a huge amount of technical information backed up by
  research. But, as you understand, we cannot make this data public and share it with third parties, ”she commented. She also stated that Ken Munroe and Phil Eveley, conducting
  research, did not take into account the cost of the costs that the company incurs when selling the device. “Regarding the cost analysis performed by your research, I believe that the lack of in-depth
  information will not lead you to an accurate calculation of our costs and production costs, including the cost of intellectual property rights, she says. – It’s hard to accept your assessment
  in earnest, since you obviously did not investigate the background facts in any meaningful way. ”

Employees of the Moscow department of Trading standards (London Trading Standards) are trying to stop the sale of this device. “We believe that this is fraud,” the BBC quoted the saying as saying.
  Stephen Knight, COO of London Trading Standards. He stated that his team, working in collaboration with the London Police Fraud Unit
  City, seeking a court order to close the website of the company – the distributor of 5GBioShield.

“People are now vulnerable and need to be protected from this kind of unfair trade,” he added.

The investigation revealed that Anna Grohovalska and another Bioshield Distribution director, Valerio Laghezza, appear to have previously been involved in a business called Immortalis by
  selling food additives Klotho Formula. The website, which is very similar in design to the 5GBioShield website, says Klotho Formula uses a “patented procedure that
  leads to a relativistic time dilation and biological quantum entanglement at the DNA level. ”

As Air Force reporter Rory Cellan-Jones noted, he had previously personally bought a similar device from the same seller. According to him, variants of such devices exist for many years, and they
  intended to protect first from 3G, then from Wi-Fi, 4G, and now the turn has reached 5G.

True, as Toby Hall clarified in an interview with the BBC, his words should not be considered as a recommendation for the purchase of the device. Although Pen Test Partners experts did not find any electronics in the USB key,
  which would make it an innovative gadget, he himself does not regret buying, because after using the gadget, his sleep improved and he began to feel “safe” at home.

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