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Apple and Prepear settle pear logo issue

Apple has resolved a conflict with the developers of Prepear, a culinary app that uses the pear logo. Writes about this The Verge. The IT giant allowed the fruit symbol but demanded minor changes.

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The conflict between the parties unfolded in August 2020. Apple considered that the created logo bears great similarity to its symbols, which is why it opposed registration of such a trademark.

Prepear representatives then noted that the corporation opposed dozens of such applications. Founder Russ Monson then posted a petition on titled Save the Pear from Apple. It was signed by almost 270 thousand people.

Both companies were still able to resolve the issue. Prepear will be able to use the pear as its symbol, but Apple demanded to change one side of the leaf. The developers are planning to replace the logo soon.

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Prepear is an app for creating and organizing cooking recipes. It was developed by a small team called Super Healthy Kids, which employs five people. The program is available for free for iOS and Android.

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