Apple has created over a hundred different AirPods Max prototypes during development

In a recent interview with the Japanese website Casa BRUTUS, shared by the reputable publication Mac Otakara, Apple representatives talked about the new AirPods Max and their development process.


From the interview it became known that the Californian company has created more than one hundred prototype headphones in different designs. This was due to the desire to strike a balance between the comfort of use and the sound quality of the headphones. Apple’s design team has done extensive research to ensure AirPods Max are comfortable to wear and provide a snug fit.


In addition, during the interview, it became known that Apple tested in AirPods Max touch control, which many competing products can boast. However, as we already know, the company decided to stick with mechanical controls that provide the best tactile feedback. In addition, it was said that the Smart Case, which has been criticized by many buyers and reviewers for its unusual design, is designed to maximize storage and portability of the device and is highly durable.

As a reminder, the AirPods Max was unveiled by Apple on December 8th. Despite the cost of 63 thousand rubles, the device is in high demand and there is already a shortage for it.

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