Apple has decided to break with Intel due to numerous problems in Skylake

Apple has decided to break with Intel due to numerous problems in Skylake

The other day, Apple announced that it will gradually transfer its Mac computers from x86-compatible Intel processors to its own chips with the ARM architecture. The reason was called the desire for unification with mobile devices. However, former Intel chief engineer François Piednoël, who worked for the company until 2017, believes that the problem is much deeper, and the key decision to abandon Intel processors was made at Apple back in the days of Skylake because of problems with them.

A former Intel employee notes that Apple’s desire to ensure that all of its devices are built on the same architecture is understandable. However, if Apple had not faced a huge number of different problems in the processor architecture of Intel Skylake at one time, it would be unlikely that the transition to ARM would have taken place today. The impetus for its adoption was the inability of Intel to provide the required characteristics of the chips.

Obtaining the required features for Skylake has always been more than a problem. – states Pienoel. – It was extremely bad. Too often we stumbled upon minor flaws Skylake In fact, our friends in Apple were the first to discover architecture issues. And this is very, very bad“.

Further, the former developer noted that when your client finds almost as many problems in your product as you yourself, this is clearly not good. Apparently, Apple really hated Skylake, and therefore decided to develop its own processors. “This is where Apple guys who were about to switch [на собственные процессоры], looked at this case and said: “We probably should still do it.”

Of course, the development of our own processors is a rather time-consuming and complicated process, so we will see its results only now, after a considerable period of time since the appearance of Skylake processors that have disappointed Apple on the market.

In conclusion, it is worth mentioning that all of the above reflects only the private opinion of a former Intel employee, and in reality, Apple’s departure from x86 architecture may be due to something else.

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