Apple has warned about the effects of sticking a MacBook webcam

Apple has warned about the effects of sticking a MacBook webcam

Users who are afraid of tracking them using the laptop’s built-in webcam often seal the lens. Against this background, a market for protective linings or curtains has even formed. However, Apple warns that if you close the cover of your MacBook, MacBook Pro or MacBook Air with such an accessory, there is a risk of damaging the display.

A text appeared on the official website of the Cupertian company in the technical support section, in which Apple explains the likelihood of damage to the MacBook screen. The document says that when closed, the gap between the top cover and the bottom of the laptops is minimal and is not designed to contain foreign objects. In addition, an ambient light sensor is integrated in the camera. Sticking it will disrupt the automatic brightness adjustment and True Tone function.

Apple believes that MacBook owners have no reason to fear surveillance, as laptops are equipped with an LED indicator that always lights up when the camera is on, and you cannot activate FaceTime HD with the LED turned off. The company also recalled that the macOS operating system starting with version 10.14 Mohave requires permission from the user for each application before it can access the webcam.

If you still have to seal the camera, then Apple recommends using tools no thicker than printer paper (0.1 mm), which do not leave adhesive traces. And in the case of using curtains with a thickness of more than 0.1 mm, Kupertians recommend removing it before each closing of the laptop.

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