Apple is going to completely close Epic Games access to development tools for iOS and Mac

Apple is going to completely close Epic Games access to development tools for iOS and Mac

The conflict between Apple and Epic Games has developed further. The platform holder has now threatened the Fortnite developer to completely remove his account from the App Store. Writes about this CNBC. This means that the studio will lose access to development tools on iOS and Mac.

Epic Games noted that Apple set them a deadline of 28 August. If the parties have not reached an agreement by this time, then the studio will be excluded from the developer program and will no longer be able to release its applications or publish updates to the current services. The ban could also restrict the use of another Epic Games product, the Unreal Engine, which is used by many third-party developers. Epic went to court to block such actions from Apple.

Grigory Bakunov, the author of the Addmeto telegram channel and director of technology distribution at Yandex, believes that third-party companies will still be able to use the Unreal Engine, but, according to him, they may have problems with Unreal Studio and other Epic Games tools.

As noted by Tjournal, deleting a developer account is a standard procedure in case of violation of App Store rules. Initially, Apple was keen to bring Fortnite back to its store, but the strategy has likely changed after the conflict escalated into legal action.

As a reminder, the conflict between Epic Games and Apple erupted in mid-August. The Fortnite developers tried to covertly launch the sale of in-game currency bypassing the App Store in order to avoid paying a 30 percent commission. Because of this, Apple removed the app from the store. In response, Epic Games filed a lawsuit against the company, accusing the platform holder of anti-competitive behavior.

Immediately after that, it became known about a similar conflict with Google. The company that owns Android also found Epic Games’ actions not in line with Google Play’s policies and removed the game from it. In response, Epic Games filed a lawsuit against Google too.

The head of Epic Games, Tim Sweeney, called his actions a fight for the rights of consumers and developers. He said that in the current situation, platform holders can dictate their terms and called this state of affairs terrible. Sweeney spoke about the need to fight for their rights, even if it is “a favorite company like Apple.”

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