Apple is indeed developing an electric car, but it won't see the light until 2024

Apple is indeed developing an electric car, but it won’t see the light until 2024

Apple is continuing to develop its own electric vehicle, which is expected to feature revolutionary battery technology that will dramatically reduce battery costs and extend range. And while there are rumors that Apple will unveil its electric car as early as next fall, it is more likely that this will only happen in 2024. The Reuters news agency writes about this, citing its own informed sources.

Apple’s automotive-related project is named Project Titan and has been steadily developing since 2014. Sources of the news agency, who wished to remain anonymous, say that Apple’s ultimate goal in this segment is to create a full-fledged serial electric vehicle for the consumer market, including an autopilot function. It is noted that the central place in the strategy of the iPhone manufacturer is given to its own battery technology, which will help to drastically reduce the cost of batteries and increase the electric vehicle’s range.

It is worth noting that organizing the production of electric vehicles and establishing supply chains for the components necessary for this will not be easy even for Apple. In comparison, Tesla’s Elon Musk took 17 years to become a consistently profitable automaker.

It is also unknown who exactly will assemble electric vehicles under the Apple brand. The source notes that difficulties caused by the coronavirus pandemic may cause the first Apple electric car to be presented only in 2025 or later. It is assumed that several lidars will be placed in the design of the car for scanning the surrounding space, including a sensor of our own production.

On the battery side, Apple appears to be using a unique “single cell” design that allows for larger cells with more densely packed active material. This approach will potentially help increase the range of the future car. It is also noted that the developers are considering using lithium iron phosphate batteries, which will make them safer to use than lithium ion batteries.

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