Apple may be waiting for the FAS check due to problems with developers. IT Market

Apple may be waiting for the FAS check due to problems with developers. IT Market

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Anna Savelieva | 09/07/2020

The deputy from “United Russia” asked the FAS to sort out the situation with difficult access, as a result of which Russian developers cannot pay for their account and are forced to buy profiles on
black market.

how reports “Kommersant” with reference to the appeal of the deputy of August 28, Anton
Gorelkin argues that the company is abusing its monopoly position in the market and ignores the difficult access of Russian application developers to the Apple workspace.

Users have repeatedly complained online; when registering new Apple Developer Program accounts, many have problems at the last stage – payment. Difficulties have been observed since November 2019 and
continue to this day.

From the side of developers, the situation looks like this: after filling in all the data for buying an annual subscription, the system confirms that the payment was successful and the order will be processed in
within two days, but the money is not debited from the card, no further letters are received – in short, nothing happens at all. Creating a new account or using other banks as well
do not give results, and in technical support the blame is shifted to the payment system. The bank, in turn, informs about the absence of a request to write off funds.

The problem is observed not only in Russia, but also abroad, namely in India, Israel, Moldova, Panama, Belarus, South Africa, Vietnam, etc. According to Gorelkin, for developers from China and the United States, where
payment is proceeding normally, an identity verification algorithm using popular payment systems operates. It was the inaccessibility of such a method that became the reason for contacting the FAS. Russian
banks, says the deputy, a different format of the data provided that does not meet the requirements of Apple

The official also stressed that in this way the company is forcing users to purchase accounts registered in the USA and China at a price of $ 300, in order to finally overcome

The developers themselves on the Internet talk about more acceptable ways to solve the problem, but they honestly admit that this will require a fair amount of patience and thoroughness, so
first of all, you will have to draw up an impressive letter to technical support, which details all the steps taken, including those that will be sent as a standard unsubscribe. They include:
an attempt to create a new account, attempts to pay with other cards and use other banks, and, of course, appeals to the banks themselves in order to have something to object to the blame. In case of luck
the user is transferred to the operator of the second line, where the card is debited manually, which cannot be called a full-fledged exit.

Apple itself does not officially recognize the problem and sends it regularly to banks, although payment with American cards is successful. The company does not provide an official position on this matter, as well as
timing of the issue.

The FAS received a request and began work on it, however, the head of the communication regulation and information technology department of the service, Elena Zayeva, told the newspaper that directly from market participants
the regulator received no complaints.

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