Apple patented a periscope lens for future iPhones

The US Patent Office has published another application from Apple related to mobile cameras. This time, the company has patented the technology for creating a periscopic lens. Presumably, it will be used in future iPhones.


Apple’s filing is for foldable periscope lenses for small form factor cameras with a focal range of 85-160mm, according to documents. The application describes several options for the optical system, which include a different number of components, including prisms, mirrors and multiple lenses.

The bottom line is to use two tools to refract light (for example, two prisms or a prism and a mirror), between which the lens system will be located. As noted by Gizmochina, the combination of optical and digital zoom will open up new possibilities for mobile photography.

The Apple patent regularly mentions mobile devices and the shortcomings that exist in the cameras used, but there is no direct confirmation of the use of the development in smartphones yet.

As a reminder, this is far from the first periscope lens designed for smartphones. Huawei used a similar technology back in 2019 in the P30 Pro. Then tech blogger JerryRigEverything said that “everyone will go crazy” when a similar system appears in the iPhone.

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