Apple Removes Epic Games Account From App Store

Apple Removes Epic Games Account From App Store

In mid-August, Apple announced its intention to remove the Epic Games account from the App Store if developers continue to violate platform rules by supporting their own payment mechanism in the popular game Fortnite. Apple has now moved from threats to action and has removed the Epic Games account, blocking the studio’s access to development tools on iOS and macOS.

It is worth noting that while the Epic Games account has indeed been deleted at this point, the profile associated with the Unreal Engine continues to work. Apple probably would like to remove it too, but the court previously forbade it to do so until the proceedings with Epic Games are completed.

Fortnite hasn’t been available for download from the App Store in recent weeks, but other popular Epic Games titles such as Infinity Blades Stickers and Battle Breakers have remained available to users. Now that the developer account has been terminated, these apps are no longer in the App Store. Curiously, Fortnite continues to work on iOS devices on which the game was downloaded before it was removed from the digital store.

Apple confirmed in a statement that Epic Games’ account had been deleted and expressed regrets about this.

We are disappointed that we had to delete our Epic Games App Store account. We’ve worked with the Epic Games team for many years on their releases. The court recommended that Epic adhere to the platform’s principles during the trial, following the rules the company has followed over the past decade. Epic declined. Instead, they’ve repeatedly downloaded Fortnite updates that violate App Store policies. This is unfair to all other developers in the App Store, and is drawing users into Epic’s struggles. We hope we can work together in the future, but unfortunately this is not possible today.“- said in a statement Apple.

While Fortnite continues to run on Apple devices, it was announced that the in-app purchases feature would be phasing out, which will clearly make the game less engaging.

Recall that the conflict between Apple and Epic Games began in mid-August, when, along with the next update, Fortnite has its own payment mechanism, which allows you to purchase content bypassing Apple’s 30% service charge.

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