Apple revives the MagSafe brand in wireless charging and accessories for iPhone 12

Apple revives the MagSafe brand in wireless charging and accessories for iPhone 12

Apple has announced a revival of the MagSafe brand, which in the past was associated with magnetic power adapters for MacBooks. Now, the MagSafe brand will be available for wireless chargers and other accessories for the iPhone 12.

MagSafe Wireless Charging with a circular array of magnets around the induction coil, shielding system and NFC chip provides more accurate positioning of the device on the Qi charging plane. In addition, this approach allows you to more tightly fasten and hold the device while charging.

The MagSafe device will provide up to 15W wireless charging and will retail for $ 40. Apple also has a charging option called MagSafe Duo, which lets you charge not only your iPhone but also your Apple Watch at the same time. Wireless chargers are compatible with iPhone 12, iPhone 12 mini, iPhone 12 Pro and iPhone 12 Pro Max.

It is worth noting that not only wireless chargers will appear under the MagSafe brand, but also other accessories, including from third-party manufacturers. We are talking about covers for the smartphones themselves and even miniature versions for bank cards, which can be attached to the smartphone body using magnets.

Recall that since 2006 Apple has been using power adapters with a magnetic connector called MagSafe in MacBooks. Several years ago, the developers decided to abandon the use of this type of connectors in favor of USB Type-C. The first Apple laptop to replace MagSafe with USB Type-C was released in 2016. It is also curious that in the past, Apple has already tried to release a wireless charger called AirPower. The device was announced in 2017, but about two years later, Apple announced that the project had been scrapped.

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