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Nikolai Blinkov | 06/13/2020

Apple shares update record

Apple is getting more expensive. Apple shares updated the record. What led to this? Yes, it seems, optimism about the upcoming iPhone, with 5G support and good App Store performance. Writes about it
Barron`s Edition. So, by the close of the Nasdaq stock exchange on June 5, Apple’s stock price stopped at $ 331.5. This is 2.85% more than the day before. And this was a record for the vendor.

From the very beginning of this year, Apple shares have been growing, and then growth began to accelerate. So, it increased by 12%, and since March 23, the cost has increased by 46%. May 5, Apple’s market capitalization reached $ 1.44
trillion This is more than that of Microsoft, whose capitalization by June 5 of this year amounted to $ 1.42 trillion. Apple’s market value will be $ 1.5 trillion dollars at a stock price of $ 346 dollars and $ 2 trillion
dollars at $ 462 dollars. Wedbush analyst Dan Ives kept his Apple stock rating at Outperform, but raised the outlook for their value to $ 375 from $ 350. He also writes that with
the most optimistic scenario, Apple securities will cost $ 425. According to this expert, Apple managed to withstand the big problems caused by the global coronavirus pandemic.
weak macroeconomic situation and disruption in supply chains from Asia. Credit Suisse also raised the expected price of Apple shares from $ 260 to $ 295 and kept their rating at the same level – Neutral.
Analysts say Apple is expanding its business in the App Store. Apple’s stock price is affected by the results of the last fiscal quarter, which ended at the end of March 2020, with
services (App Store and Apple Music, Apple News +, TV + and Arcade) amounted to $ 13.3 billion, which is 16.6% more than a year earlier. According to Credit Suisse, Apple’s current stock growth indicates
that a pandemic does not affect the service industry. Evercore analysts believe that Apple will be the first to reach a capitalization mark of $ 2 trillion, and will do so by the vendor over the next 4 years. According to
experts, the manufacturer’s upcoming products are unlikely to lead to a revolution in the market.

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