Apple stocks hit all-time high despite pandemic

About four months ago, just shortly before the crisis, caused by a coronavirus pandemic, Apple’s stock price hit a historic high. Now, the company’s shares not only reached the previous level, but also set a new record for value.

The previous maximum value of Apple shares was fixed on January 29 of this year and amounted to $ 327.85. To date, their price has risen from $ 323.23 to $ 328 and continues to grow. Note that on March 23, Apple’s stock price fell to $ 212.61, after which it showed constant stable growth. This was probably facilitated by the release of many updated products that were very warmly received by users. In addition, against the backdrop of the coronavirus pandemic, due to the transition of most people to remote work and distance learning, the demand for tablets and laptops of the company has grown to such an extent that a shortage of these devices has begun to brew in Asia.

In addition, based on official data for May, the level of employment and the general level of the US economy have grown significantly since the previous recession. And it’s not so surprising that in just one day, Apple shares went up by as much as $ 4 and their value continues to rise.

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