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Apple warns investors that regulatory pressure could cost it a pretty penny

Apple’s operations around the world are beginning to draw close attention from antitrust authorities. In its latest annual report, the company warns that the growing hostility of regulators towards large corporations could lead to a significant drop in revenues.

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A separate concern for Apple, according to an extract from the company’s annual report published by the Financial Times, is the requirement of certain partners and regulators to reduce the commission for settlements within the applications of the proprietary ecosystem. Now the size of the commission is from 15 to 30%, but Apple claims that lowering the commission below this level will entail significant material consequences for the company. An estimate of the possible damage in quantitative terms is not provided, but it is generally accepted that in such situations it should exceed 5% of the original amount.

Considering that Apple generated $ 275 billion in revenue and $ 57 billion in net income in the fiscal year ended, even a five percent drop in in-app revenue would result in a drop in revenue by billions of US dollars. Services and software applications generated $ 53.8 billion in revenue for Apple in the fiscal year ended. In September, several developers have already taken up arms against Apple, demanding that it reduce the size of the commission for calculations within applications. European and North American supervisory authorities became interested in the topic. Apple CEO Tim Cook is still at a loss to quantify the potential implications of antitrust investigations against the company.

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