Apple Watch helped Texas police find kidnapped girl

Apple Watch helped Texas police find kidnapped girl

Yesterday, the 9to5Mac portal, citing Fox San Antonio, spoke about a situation in which Apple Watch helped a woman escape from a kidnapper. Smart watches have been transmitting location information to law enforcement agencies all this time.

The woman was reportedly abducted in Selma, Texas. This moment was noticed by her daughter, she even managed to call her mother to find out what happened, but the phone turned off after a minute. After that, her daughter called the police and reported the incident, while the mother used the “Emergency Call” function. After that, the watch began transmitting data on her whereabouts to the emergency services, which were sent to the local police for monitoring. The branch officer notes that the watch has been transmitting the exact location of the woman all the time since the function was turned on. This allowed them to successfully track down the perpetrator and rescue the victim when they stopped at a gas station in the state. True, by that time, the woman herself was able to get out of the car and jump on the run. The kidnapper turned out to be her friend, with whom they had quarreled shortly before this situation.

This is definitely one of the most interesting stories about wearable technology. Typically, the Apple Watch is credited with some kind of health monitoring function. But it is obvious that the gadget can not only help with training to maintain this very health, but also save lives. The “Emergency SOS” function was added to the very first Apple Watch just for such situations and is supported on all generations of smart watches. It should be noted that in versions of Apple Watch without cellular support, for this function to work, the iPhone must be nearby.

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