Apple will again have to sue for patents

Apple will again have to sue for patents

Nikolay Blinkov

Apple is often criticized, and now the company is being sued for copyright infringement through heartbeat technology. The company is criticized for subjective reasons (mainly
due to the high price of the company’s products) and for objective reasons. For example, Apple is often sued for patents used in development, but not only with other companies (yes, in
the press has been widely resonated with Apple Corporation courts with other IT giants – Samsung and Microsoft in particular). One American cardiologist sued the corporation. It requires
prohibit the method used in the Apple Watch.

According to him, the “reasonable watch” uses a patented method of tracking the heartbeat. Joseph Wiesel contacted Apple in September 2017, providing details of his method.
The doctor said that the company had refused to negotiate honestly, and he eventually decided to sue her, claiming compensation for copyright infringement. In addition, he intends
to seek Apple’s ban on the continued use of development without royalties as an inventor.

It is unclear about the prospects in the court of Joseph Wiesel – Apple representatives have not answered the question about the lawsuit. Wiesel believes that his invention was innovative in detecting atrial fibrillation
by monitoring the irregular heartbeat at successive time intervals.

A serious nuisance for Apple may be the accusation of child labor. So, in December, the international human rights organization IRAdvocates filed with the US District Court for the District
Colombia has a class action lawsuit against five companies. Apple, Alphabet (the parent of Google Inc.), Dell Technologies, Microsoft, Tesla suspected of using slave child labor in
cobalt mines in the Democratic Republic of the Congo.

Cobalt is a necessary component of the vast majority of modern lithium-ion (Li-Ion) batteries, as it acts as the basis for cobalt lithium LixCoO2. Democratic
the Republic of the Congo is the world’s leading supplier of cobalt, which is mined often with the use of the work of minors, who often die in rubble or rubble, and their health
seriously undermined. International human rights organization IRAdvocates says the hundreds of billions of dollars that corporations receive in profit is not only illegal but also unfair.
The company is demanding compensation for all victims and relatives of those killed in mines in the Congo, also recalling that many mines are operating illegally. Salaries of minors –
very low and very difficult working conditions. The international human rights organization also reminds that cobalt is toxic. The number of defendants is not conclusive, and it will expand in extent
including new people in it.



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