Apple will step up the fight against leaks about new products in production

Leaks are an integral part of the smartphone world. Some companies accept them and even promote them for self-promotion purposes, while others do their best to avoid them. The second is Apple, which, according to The Information, has decided to tighten security measures at factories.

A report released today states that Apple recently asked its manufacturing partners such as Foxconn and Wistron to begin criminal background checks on all employees on the assembly line. Those with criminal records will be denied access to assembly lines where unreleased products are made. In addition, all visitors to factories are now required to present a government-issued ID, the data from which will be recorded by the security of the facility. Guards should also control the movement of personnel who have access to components of unreleased products. Among other things, Apple wants to determine how long it takes to ship each part from one manufacturing site to another. If there are delays, an alarm will be triggered.

Changes have also been made to the rules for placing surveillance cameras. To exclude various machinations, it is now mandatory to fix all four sides of vehicles without blind spots. In addition, video footage of the destruction process of prototypes and defective components must now be retained for a minimum of 180 days.

Along with these measures, Apple insisted on improving employee privacy. The company’s manufacturing partners can no longer collect and use biometric data, such as scanned facial images or fingerprints of Apple employees. However, this rule does not apply to factory workers.

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