Apple’s market value exceeded one and a half trillion dollars

As reported last week, Apple Inc. stock prices reached a historic high. Apparently, this is far from the limit. Today, the company’s stock price has grown by more than two percent. With this in mind, the market capitalization of the California tech giant exceeded one and a half trillion dollars, making Apple the first American company to step beyond that mark.

Only one company in the world – Saudi Aramco, which entered the stock exchange only in 2019, can boast of higher capitalization. It is valued at $ 1,685 trillion. The organization is registered in Saudi Arabia and is engaged in oil production. Among technology companies, Apple is the undisputed leader. With a current price of about $ 352 per share and about 4.3 billion shares in circulation, Apple has a market capitalization of about $ 1.53 trillion.

After reaching a record high in late January, Apple’s stock price fell as much as 35% due to the crisis caused by the coronavirus pandemic. Last Friday, the stock price of the tech giant from Cupertino returned to the pre-crisis level, after which it is growing rapidly to this day.

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