AR glasses from Facebook may receive facial recognition

AR glasses from Facebook may receive facial recognition


Olga Blinkova | 02/26/2021

AR glasses from Facebook may receive facial recognition

Facebook plans to integrate facial recognition into its AR glasses. This feature can dramatically increase the popularity of the device – just look at someone in the public
transport to see his Facebook profile. Considering that in this social network there is often a lot of information about a person – what is the name, how many years, where he studied, worked, what is his hobby – about the person
you can learn a lot of interesting things.

However, Facebook fears that “power structures” will be able to violate the privacy of citizens, using such glasses – this very danger was announced on Facebook as the main possible disadvantage. Yes,
the user sees who is who, but they also see him. It remains an open question whether deleting your Facebook profile (or at least photos) is enough to achieve anonymity. Also planned
collect user opinions, whether the “people” want such a function.

AR glasses are expected to be released this year, and Facebook is collaborating with Ray-Ban on their development.

Facebook has been working on smart glasses since 2017. In 2014, the social network acquired Oculus, a developer of AR and VR devices.

Back in 2017, experts predicted that within 20-30 years, smart glasses will replace smartphones, leaving hands free and providing access to a number of additional functions. However, as before,
the question remains, what should be done for those who already wear glasses for solving vision problems. In some Asian countries, glasses are worn by about 90% of the population. And by 2050, as scientists suggest,
myopia will affect about half of the world’s population.

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