Arm Announces Matterhorn and Makalu - Next Generation Processor Cores

Arm Announces Matterhorn and Makalu – Next Generation Processor Cores

Arm has announced the next generation of processor cores for use in single-chip (SoC) systems for mobile, wearable and consumer electronics. These are cores codenamed Matterhorn and Makalu, which are slated to launch in 2021 and 2022, respectively.

This year is expected to see the emergence of single-chip systems based on the high-performance Cortex-X / Cortex-A78 processor cores and manufactured in accordance with the 5 nm process technology. The new cores should be more powerful than the Cortex-A77, but Arm plans to release even faster cores over the next two years.

These processor cores Arm officially promised to release in 2021 and 2022, and they were codenamed Matterhorn and Makalu. In addition, Arm announced that the performance of Makalu cores will increase by 30% compared to the Cortex-A78 introduced this year. Unfortunately, no technical details have been announced for the Matterhorn and Makalu kernels.

Another important statement by Arm is that starting in 2022, all the company’s productive processor cores will be 64-bit, i.e. will not support 32-bit computing. Thus, the Makalu kernels should be the starting point from which to begin the transition to 64-bit computing. Arm estimates that all mobile apps will be migrated to 64-bit by 2023, enabling software developers to dramatically reduce costs and time to market.

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