Artificial intelligence was required to objectively assess the quality of Russian roads

Artificial intelligence was required to objectively assess the quality of Russian roads

It became known that the Russian Road Research Institute “RosdorNII” plans to start using artificial intelligence technologies to assess the quality of roads next spring. This was reported by the TASS news agency with reference to the words of the general director of RosdorNII, Alexei Varyatchenko.

We are now starting R&D, which will develop into a full-fledged development of artificial intelligence. By the spring of next year, we will have a workable prototype, which we will begin to train, that is, to saturate with relevant data.“, – said Mr. Varyatchenko.

He also noted that AI technologies will be used in several ways. We are talking about the recognition of road defects by video online and the analysis of GPR images, which records the state of all layers of the road surface and allows you to identify hidden problems. In addition, artificial intelligence will help to combine data on different road sections, obtained from the unique mobile laboratory “Eskandor”. It is assumed that thanks to AI technologies, the accuracy and speed of assessing the quality of roads and their compliance with established standards will increase.

The basis of the future technology will be the already existing neural networks, which will go through the process of necessary adaptation and training on road data. At the beginning, an analysis will be made for the compliance of different sections of the road with regulatory requirements. Ultimately, it is planned to create a system capable of automatically assessing an unfamiliar road by a set of parameters. Ultimately, it can be integrated with the control system for the formation and use of road funds.

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