Artist Released Unused Concept Art for Elden Ring Debut Trailer

Artist Released Unused Concept Art for Elden Ring Debut Trailer

Goodbye Kansas Studios lead concept artist Gabriel Bjork Stiernstrom has published illustrations he created for the debut trailer for Elden Ring on his website and on ArtStation.

In a message on the Reddit forum, where the artist posted a link to the result of his work, Stirnström immediately made a reservation that he had not worked on Elden Ring itself and, moreover, did not even know which game From Software was helping.

It was in January 2019, and it was about Stirnström’s first project at the Hungarian animation studio Digic Pictures, which was commissioned to create a scene with a blacksmith (see screenshot above) for a trailer.

From Software sent an assignment to contractors with a brief description of the desired concept art. At the same time, in the course of production, some ideas were replaced by others, so that not all of Stirnström’s works were useful to the studio.

So, in the images authored by Stirnström, we see a woman-blacksmith (not a man) and a kind of scepter instead of the hammer used in the final version of the video.

Stirnström’s favorite illustration (attached above) was rejected due to the fact that it turned out to be “Too Dark Souls”… It is noteworthy that the artist himself did not play any of the parts.

Elden Ring was announced in June 2019, but since then, almost nothing has been heard about the project from official sources. Nevertheless, journalists and insiders are confident that a new demo will soon await the game.

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