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ASML believes semiconductor demand will consolidate at a new level

Most automakers agreed that the shortage of the semiconductor components they need will remain until mid-year. AMD and NVIDIA call similar terms for solving the problem in their fields of activity, and the manufacturer of lithographic equipment ASML is convinced that there will be no decline in demand, since it will simply gain a foothold at a new level.

Image source: Reuters

Image source: Reuters

Ron Kool, executive vice president of ASML, shared his thoughts in an interview with Reuters. Many of the company’s clients, he said, are now under stress due to the high demand for their products. The trend towards its persistence is observed in telecommunications, data centers, industrial electronics and the Internet of things. “Personally, I think this is not a wave. We have moved to a new level, and this is my point of view “, – explained Ron Cole.

At the end of March last year, as an ASML spokesman recalls, many thought that 2020 would be problematic for the semiconductor industry in terms of demand, but already a month or two later, everything changed dramatically. The demand for components manufactured using advanced technological processes does not mean that more mature ones are no longer in demand. On the contrary, they follow the cutting edge lithography.

According to the executive vice president of ASML, in 2021 the holding will be able to achieve the projected financial indicators, but not surpass them, since there will be a shortage problem throughout the supply chain. It would be nice to increase production capacity this year, according to a company representative.

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