Assemble with Care - model for assembly. Review / Games

Assemble with Care – model for assembly. Review / Games

Genre Head
Publisher ustwo games
Developer ustwo games
Minimum Requirements Windows 7 or higher, Intel Core i3 processor, 4GB RAM, Intel HD Graphics 520 integrated graphics, 2GB HDD
Recommended Requirements Windows 10, Intel Core i5 processor, 8 GB RAM, Intel HD Graphics 630 integrated graphics
release date March 26, 2020 (PC) September 19, 2019 (Apple Arcade)
Age qualification From 4 years
Platforms PC, iOS
Official site

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In a post-industrial society, we hardly see the results of our labors: a manager, a salesman, a programmer, a journalist, a game designer can work as much as they like, but they produce, in fact, air. At best, meanings or some kind of creations that a person on the other side of the world will “feel” on the Internet in fuzzy silhouettes in this air, but for many of us the inability to immediately touch the results of our labors leads to neuroses, anxiety, and the search for ways to do something. then for real to do… For example, go to the dacha and dig up a vegetable garden there. Or build at least a barn with your own hands. Assemble with Care works in the same field, sublimating unmet need.

First customer

ustwo games is a studio perfectly familiar to almost everyone who has plunged into the world of mobile games (the bright side of this world), and completely unfamiliar to the hardcore audience of PC gamers or console players. Her Monument Valley dilogy is a true classic in the world of meditative puzzles with elusive meaning. Land’s End, on the other hand, could elude the attention of even the public, closely following what is happening on mobile platforms – a dreamy adventure was developed for the Samsung Gear VR platform. Assemble with Care could also fall into the well of a niche, albeit wider than mobile VR – it was developed exclusively for the Apple Arcade service, and even the Cupertines did not make a big bet on it, promoting their subscription service through other, larger projects. But in March of this year, it was released on Steam, where you can also easily walk past it without noticing a small treasure in the huge database of the service. Don’t make this mistake.

You probably noticed how many films, TV series, games are being released now, the action of which takes place either in the past, even in the near future, or in the future – the most important thing is that there are no modern gadgets in the frame, interaction with which is done through the screen: when life focused on the internet, show, in fact, nothing. Fates are decided with the same facial expression, fingers on the touch screen. Assemble with Care also escapes into the past, into the eighties, but not in search of plots developing between living, not virtual people, but in search of the very materiality that I spoke about above.

The very word “fix” has a healing effect

We meet Maria, a restorer and repairman, who knows how to handle all kinds of equipment – both mechanical and electronic. Maria came to the sunny town of Bellariva to relax and unwind a little while enjoying the measured and serene life of the southern town. She has been traveling for a year now, helping the residents of the towns she meets on the way with repairs and thus earning her living – and continuing the journey. But maybe it’s time to stop? Where is Maria going? And, most importantly, from what? ..

The heroine of Assemble with Care will definitely turn to herself closer to the end, but mostly she will have to deal with the inhabitants of Bellariva and their things. The girl and her player; the girl’s father and his watch; the owner of the cafe and her phone; the sister of the owner of the cafe and her camera … There are only a couple of plot lines converging at a single point at the end – and a small epilogue with an unexpected change of roles. This is a very intimate, integral story without a single superfluous detail and characters who accidentally wandered into it, with a transparent motive rhyming to repair things and establish family relationships.

The desktop is different – it depends on where you fix things, but a cup of coffee is always in place

Throughout the game, we just read, in fact, Mary’s diaries and fix things – make any choice, solve ethical problems and, to be honest, somehow seriously strain our brain over puzzles.

The main gameplay takes place on the “desktop”, where you need to disassemble the thing, understand what is broken, and replace this part; or glue; or somehow else to establish the process. In fact, figuring out how to properly connect the wiring in a gameboy or how to start gears in a mechanical watch is not difficult. You just go and dig this garden – it’s summer outside, light clouds float across the sky, birds sing along to you from the nearby oak – and brushing sweat from your forehead, you understand that the path to harmony is shorter than you thought.

Assemble with Care is not challenging, it doesn’t work with a sense of overcoming, but it does provide a feeling of caring in the manner of Mr. Marabou from the first Moomin book, Little Trolls and the Big Flood:How nice it is to save!

Even such a miniature game has its own inner play-in-play

An interesting moment noticed by the author on Polygon – before the release of Assemble with Care on PC, it had a paradoxical status: a game about things that have emotional value for their virtual owners; things that can be easily repaired and thereby return a piece of life that was temporarily lost – was released exclusively for iPhone / iPad, gadgets that are almost impossible to repair. A faceless “electronic service” that should be changed as soon as something goes wrong (or the next version is just released). I would not say that a personal computer is warmer and lighter than an iPhone, but the game still suits it a little more, even if I went through it on a mobile device.


Life is simple: if something breaks somewhere, you take glue, pliers and a soldering iron – and you fix it. Relations with relatives went wrong? Can’t come to terms with the death of a loved one? Can’t find yourself in this world? Screwdriver, hammer, blue tape at your service. Simple things, simple actions – Assemble with Care, for at least a couple of hours, allows you to plunge into the world that is assembled into a harmonious composition when you put together the pieces of the puzzle; a sip of fresh water, after which you want to call your parents, ask how they are doing, and tell in detail about your own.


  • simple yet graceful visual style;
  • blissful atmosphere;
  • the feeling that complicated things are really simple.


  • the game is very short.

Graphic arts

With a little text, a minimum of sketches (a couple of views of the town and several characters each) and volumetric models of things that can be repaired – Assemble with Care is very minimalistic, it may even seem lazy in places, but it has enough.


But it is fully voiced – and it was done well, including in Russian. Music in the background, but adds goodness to the atmosphere.

Single player game

We read, in fact, diary entries without the opportunity to somehow enter into a dialogue and solve simple puzzles with broken things – this game is equally suitable for one two-hour session, and for breaking into numerous segments of 10-15 minutes in a mobile style “.

Collective game

Not provided.

General impression

A conflict-free and constructive game in which everything works for a feeling of harmony with the world – as if you set yourself a dozen goals in the morning and put the last tick in the evening, thinking that you are not living in vain.

Rating: 8.0 / 10

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