IT-Weekly review: Astra Linux has overcome the milestone of 1 million licenses, and Sberbank will acquire 17,500 electric scooters

Astra Linux has crossed the milestone of 1 million licenses, and Sberbank will acquire 17,500 electric scooters

Market Trends

Gennady Belash | 03/21/2021

IT-Weekly review: Astra Linux has overcome the milestone of 1 million licenses, and Sberbank will acquire 17,500 electric scooters

From the news that came to us from abroad, it is worth paying attention to the following. New generation
Dell EMC PowerEdge Servers Empower AI
Dell Technologies releases 17 new server models
PowerEdgewhich protected by patents owned by Dell or registered in the United States.

Cisco opens new data center to support collaboration.

As for the Russian market, there is more interesting news. Rikor is ready to produce up to 5000 servers per month for Russian integrators. For the fourth quarter
In 2020, Rikor delivered about 3000 server platforms and more than a thousand servers to the state company.

Dematic automates Yandex.Market’s Moscow distribution center Group helps Rosseti Center reduce commercial electricity losses using AI

Citymobil and Gett have entered into a strategic partnership to work in the “Economy” segment

Now a few words about financial markets.At the end of the week financial markets were mainly in negative territory. Brent crude oil corrected by
6.17% and stood at $ 63.79 per barrel. Gold continued sluggish growth and consolidated at $ 1,733 per troy ounce. The dynamics of the precious metal indicates that while the mood
investors are very reserved.

In the foreign exchange markets, there was a significant strengthening of the US dollar. The continuation of the super soft policy of the US FRS testifies about the expectations of a long-term crisiswhich affected
the downward trend in major currencies against the USD. The ruble also could not resist the global trend and by the end of Thursday’s trading was at 74.20 per US dollar and 88.49 per euro. Decrease
the exchange rate of the Russian currency is exacerbated by falling oil prices and aggressive US foreign policy rhetoric.

Cryptocurrency Markets on bad news from the USA developed an upward trend… Bitcoin again crossed the $ 59,000 mark. According to the CEX.IO exchange, on the evening of March 18, the BTC / USD rate was at
value 58,820 (+ 3.55%), the BTC / RUB pair consolidated at the level of 4,403,965 (+ 4.20%). Ethereum continued to hold above the $ 1,800 level and hit the $ 1,811 mark.

Next, read the news, broken down by topic.


MERLION and Panasonic are expanding their cooperation, which began more than 20 years ago.

Today the companies announce that they have signed a distribution agreement with the Panasonic Life Solutions division, according to which MERLION, as an official distributor, is
supplier to the Russian market of equipment, switching and power distribution components, as well as lighting solutions from Panasonic Corporation.

The agreement has entered into force and applies to the entire range of Panasonic Life Solutions product offerings.

Marvel will distribute BellSoft’s Liberica JDK and LiberCat

Marvel Distribution has signed an agreement with BellSoft, one of the leaders of OpenJDK ..

Partners will be able to implement the Java Liberica JDK runtime and the standardized LiberCat application server with Russian technical support from BellSoft, as well as integrated suites with
domestic OS. The agreement opens up a new business segment for IT companies related to the supply and support of products and services for mission-critical and public IP.

Marvel’s partners will be able to supply a stack of Java-based products, from application and middleware to OS and hardware platforms. The Java runtime environment is required for the program code to run on
Java, Closure, Kotlin, Scala and other languages. Therefore, open technologies with support from BellSoft in their native language are in demand at enterprises with state participation, in ministries and departments, as well as
in the financial, retail and other sectors.

The Java Liberica JDK runtime is included in the register of Russian software, approved by the FSB for use with certified cryptographic tools and tested for OS compatibility
Russian suppliers.

Treolan is the official distributor of ZKTeco biometric solutions

Treolan and ZKTeco, a developer of biometric verification solutions, signed a cooperation agreement. From January 2021, Treolan began
supply of vendor products through your partner channel

ZKTeco one of the world’s leading manufacturers of systems based on hybrid biometric identification technology. The vendor owns the largest number
patents and intellectual property rights in this area.

OCS Introduces iSpring Distance Learning Products

Distributor partners get access to the products of the Russian developer iSpring, thanks to which they will be able to offer their customers professional tools for creating electronic
courses and organization of corporate online training. As part of the collaboration, OCS and iSpring will market the vendor’s entire product line.

RRC enters into distribution agreement with ClearOne

The American company ClearOne specializes in the design and manufacture of professional audio equipment for meeting rooms and conference rooms. Special attention
The vendor is dedicated to the development of ceiling microphone arrays with patented Beamforming technology and digital audio platforms with echo and noise cancellation functions.

Jimu robots for kids are available to order at diHouse

Go to space, to a fantastic construction site or to stage incredible sports with the new line of Jimu construction robots. Four sets of Jimu Robot Kits already
available to order at diHouse.
Smart robots created by UBTECH are designed for the entertainment and development of children from eight years of age. The kits include hundreds of parts from which you can independently assemble the robot, and then
program and manage it. Jimu develops creativity, tactile and mental skills through engaging play.

OCS Distribution starts promoting Ivideon, a domestic cloud video surveillance solution

The Ivideon video surveillance service was created in 2010 and became a pioneer in the field of cloud video surveillance in Russia, the first and only one offering an alternative to storing video recordings outside
then customary corporate servers. Ivideon equipment was located in 15 data centers around the world, and the service itself became so competitive that it attracted the attention of international
camera manufacturers – already in 2013, both Philips and Samsung offered co-branding solutions to the global market. Two years later, Ivideon entered the American market by signing an agreement with
camera manufacturer Oco.

OCS will begin promoting Ivideon into the channel of integrators, attracting the technical power and intellectual resources of the Department of Engineering Systems and Automation. Camcorders and recorders,
which the vendor offers under its own brand will arrive at the distributor’s warehouses in March.


Vertiv Expands Partner Program Opportunities

It will expand access to information technology (IT) for decision-makers. This will help optimize the process of registering transactions, setting up equipment and obtaining all the necessary
tools for project implementation.

The line of partner products mainly includes integrated solutions.

Rikor is ready to produce up to 5000 servers per month for Russian integrators

For the fourth quarter of 2020, Ricor delivered about 3,000 server platforms and more than a thousand servers to the state-owned company. These are statistics only for those customers where the partners agreed to open

More than 500 million rubles were invested in the modernization of our own production in Arzamas over the past financial year. The Ricor Electronics plant already has production potential
5,000 server platforms per month (including main components: motherboards, server cases, expansion cards). Ricor’s capacities allow producing up to 7000 different boards in
month. At the moment, a production base for the production of PCs is being organized.

MyOffice and “Aladdin R.D.” announce technology partnership

Within the framework of cooperation between the companies, tests will be carried out to confirm the operability and correctness of the joint use of the products and solutions of MyOffice and Aladdin R.D.

New products

MyOffice presented a Russian office suite for the Baikal-M platform

The pilot version of the desktop document editors MyOffice for systems with the new Baikal-M processor functionally corresponds to the commercial products “MyOffice Text” and “MyOffice Table” of the release
2020.03. The solution is compatible with the Russian OS Astra Linux and Alt in versions for this platform.

The Baikal-M processor is built on the basis of the ARM microarchitecture and can be used in workstations, all-in-ones, laptops, servers and thin clients to solve a standard range of office

Thanks to the design features of the processor core, manufacturers of computer systems and software have additional opportunities to create secure products. Solutions based on Baikal-M
are well suited for creating energy-efficient computer and industrial systems, reliable from the point of view of information security, with different levels of performance and functionality.

Dell Technologies releases a portfolio of servers Dell EMC

New server line of 17 new PowerEdge server models, based on 1100 Dell engineering designs, protected by Dell patents or
registered in the United States. Powered by 3rd Generation AMD EPYC processors, the PowerEdge R6515 server accelerates big data processing in Hadoop databases by up to 60%. PowerEdge R750 Server with
3rd generation Intel Xeon Scalable processors provide up to 43% performance improvement when solving linear equations with massively parallelism.

“Basalt SPO” has released a new version of OS “Alt Workstation K” 9.1. The introduction of OS “Alt Workstation K” 9.1 will allow organizations to make a comfortable transition from
Windows for the Russian OS. They will be able to more effectively protect their digital resources, manage their computer park, providing work with computers of various modifications and office equipment of different years.
release, and user accounts.

Results of activities

Astra Linux Group overcomes the milestone of 1 million licenses

Last year, the Astra Linux Group of Companies exceeded the milestone of 1 million licenses. Such a number of OS distributions are successfully used by customers from different segments. The number of the company’s clients approached
4,000, among them – organizations from most regions of Russia, as well as from the Republic of Belarus and Kazakhstan. The sales volume in 2020 amounted to more than 2 billion rubles.

The leaders of the transfer of their ISs to domestic IT solutions are traditionally law enforcement agencies, which are most exposed to sanctions risks. Last year, the Ministry of Internal Affairs, the Ministry of Emergency Situations, the Federal Security Service, the Ministry of Defense,
The Ministry of Justice of Russia and other organizations of the power sector had more than 100,000 Astra Linux licenses, which is 85% more than in 2019. The largest transition projects are now being implemented in the Ministry of Internal Affairs and
Ministry of Emergency Situations.

Data centers

Cisco opens new data center in Frankfurt,

serving Webex Platform users in the EMEAR region. Commissioning of the Frankfurt data center is scheduled for June 2021.

Since the start of the pandemic, use of digital collaboration tools like Cisco Webex has grown by 74%. Webex Teleconferencing Increases 600 Average Quarterly

GreenMDC and DPCs of Karelia signed a partnership agreement

Until 2025, according to the rector of Petrozavodsk State University Anatoly Voronin, a project to create a network of data centers will be completed in the Republic of Karelia, in which he plans to take part
St. Petersburg manufacturer of modular data centers – GreenMDC company. It is assumed that within the specified time frame, the capacity of the data center network will be about a thousand rack spaces.


KORUS Consulting Group of Companies has automated complex warehouse processes

for the Russian distributor Single Source Suppliers (S3): acceptance, sorting, placement of goods returned from the client, their movement for processing at the production site, management
replenishment and selection of small-piece goods on the conveyor line and much more. New system based on WMS Manhattan significantly increased warehouse turnover by accelerating assembly processes
and equipment.

In the global logistics market, a trend is gaining popularity for delegating order picking – including piece order fulfillment – from manufacturers and retail chains to
distributors, which leads to an increase in the load on their warehouses.

MoiSklad and Taxcom have expanded the capabilities of retail stores – integrated a service for trading with an electronic document management system (EDM) and instant
transfer of codes for marking goods.

Obtaining labeling codes from a wholesaler is an important process in store operations. Their automatic reception, eliminating manual input errors, speeds up the work with labeled goods by several

In addition, store owners can validate the codes applied to the goods and indicated in the acceptance document using the MySklad mobile application – without using
specialized terminals for data collection.

Dematic automates Yandex.Market’s Moscow distribution center

Dematic, which recently opened its office in Moscow, is automating the new Yandex.Market logistics center located in the Sof’ino technopark (Moscow region). Dematic’s solution assumes
installation of a Dematic Crossbelt Sorter and a modular conveyor system with a length of more than five kilometers.

Yandex.Market has launched a large-scale project for the construction and automation of operations in a logistics complex in Sofyino. The market will receive a universal site of 100 thousand m2, where it will be located
warehouse with a large parking lot for vehicles, reinforced floors, gates equipped for quick loading / unloading of goods. The logistics complex will be equipped with a 5-storey mezzanine for
the placement of goods, and the loading of goods and the subsequent collection of orders will be carried out using conveyor equipment from Dematic.

Dematic will provide and connect PLC and Dematic iQ systems to Yandex’s own warehouse management system (WMS).


Transfers abroad – now in the web version of SberBank Online

From March 15, Sberbank customers have access to money transfers abroad by account number or Visa and Mastercard in the web version of SberBank Online. Previously, it was only possible to send money abroad
in a mobile application or bank office.

In the new section of the menu “Payments” – “Abroad” you can choose one of two transfer methods: by account number or card number. You can make a transfer from any Sberbank debit card open
in rubles, dollars or euros. The transfer fee will be 1% of its amount.

To make a transfer by card number, it is enough to know the card number, the name and surname of the recipient. In most cases, the term for crediting the transfer will be only a few minutes. Cash
funds can be transferred in rubles, dollars or euros to almost any country (exceptions are the USA, Taiwan, Cuba, Iran, North Korea, Somalia, Sudan, Syria, Japan). Maximum amount of one
transfer should not exceed 150,000 rubles in equivalent.

Sberbank to pay record dividends for Russia – 422.4 billion rubles

The Supervisory Board of Sberbank has recommended that the Annual General Meeting of Shareholders take a decision on the payment of dividends for 2020 in the amount of 422.4 billion rubles, at the rate of 18.7 rubles per
one share. Dividends in the same amount were paid by Sberbank to its shareholders for 2019 and this amount became a record dividend payment for Russia. If adopted by the annual general
by the meeting of shareholders of the decision to pay dividends, half of this amount – 211.2 billion rubles will go to the country’s budget

VTB plans to hire over 600 specialists this year

in various functional areas within the framework of the 600 Days Program – a business project aimed at digitalizing customer experience and accelerating the development of products and channels

The 600 Days program was launched at the end of 2019 to support VTB’s strategic development until 2022 in the Retail and Small and Medium Business segments. During 2020 was created
32 new streams in the retail segment and 19 streams in the SMB segment, which included more than 300 cross-functional teams that ensure the full lifecycle of products and services. Total within
programs in 2019-2020 more than 1,100 people were hired for various roles in these streams.

Diasoft was included in the list of 38 leading global providers of solutions to support omnichannel customer service of financial institutionspresented in the report “Now
Tech: Digital Banking Engagement Platforms 2021 ”by Forrester. Diasoft solutions implemented on the Digital Q Omnichannel Solutions business development platform are supported by all
business processes of financial institutions selling products and services both in digital channels and through a traditional network of branches and partner ecosystems.

Sberbank will finance the purchase of 17,500 electric scooters for the summer season

В рамках развития в Москве новой транспортной концепции «Mobility as a Service» (MaaS или «Мобильность как услуга») Сбербанк открыл финансирование компании КОНТРОЛ лизинг на сумму 400 млн
рублей для приобретения городских электросамокатов. Этот вид транспорта будет доступен москвичам и жителям крупных городов России по модели кикшеринга (поминутная аренда) в приложениях «СитиМобил»
(входит в экосистему Сбера) и Urent.

Образование и обучение

Первая в Москве магистратура в сфере ArtTech

НИТУ «МИСиС» объявляет о запуске магистерской программы в сфере ArtTech – «Технологическое искусство». Это образовательный курс, направленный на подготовку специалистов в области R&D,
популяризаторов научного знания, архитекторов VR-пространств и AR-объектов, арт-директоров и кураторов, медиа-художников, сценографов современного театра и кино и др. Обучение начнется 1
сентября 2021 года.

IBM представляет в России Open P-TECH – открытую цифровую платформу

IBM объявила о запуске в России образовательной платформы Open P-TECH. Новая платформа предназначена для школьников старших классов, студентов колледжей и вузов, молодых специалистов,
профессионалов, учителей, преподавателей и всех желающих. Она дает возможность бесплатно составить персональную программу и пройти курсы, посвященные современным корпоративным цифровым

Государство Group помогла «Россети Центр» сократить коммерческие потери электроэнергии с помощью ИИ

Раньше выездные бригады «Россети Центр» ежегодно проводили более 646 тысяч проверок в поисках фактов неучтенного потребления электроэнергии. В месяц специалисты компании могли
проанализировать не более 30% точек учета. При этом в 99% случаев проверки не выявляли нарушений, так как человеку сложно учитывать все факторы, влияющие на потери электроэнергии.

Специалисты PREDICT создали программный ИИ-комплекс, в основе которого лежат технологии искусственного интеллекта и машинного обучения. Система анализирует собственные данные, состояние
точки учета, динамику потребления электроэнергии, и информацию из открытых источников — сведения о юридическом лице и другие. Это позволяет программному комплексу выявлять нетривиальные связи между
целевыми и реальными показателями на каждой точке учета, вычислять вероятность и прогнозировать объем неучтенного энергопотребления.

Если вероятность коммерческой потери в конкретной точке учета определяется как высокая, система автоматизировано формирует задание для выездной бригады. После выполнения задания программа
проводит анализ выполненных проверок и использует полученные данные для последующего дообучения ML-моделей.

Softline развернула СДО и платформу видеоконференцсвязи в Пермском крае

Учебный центр Softline завершил внедрение системы дистанционного обучения TeachBase и платформы видеоконференцсвязи Webinar в Центре повышения мастерства педагогических работников,
структурном подразделении «Института развития образования Пермского края». Центр создан в рамках федерального проекта «Учитель будущего», реализуемого в рамках национального проекта


В 2021 году Tele2 получила разрешение на развертывание в черте города инфраструктуры на частоте 800 МГц, обладающей высокой проникающей способностью сигнала, что позволяет
обеспечить стабильный мобильный Интернет внутри зданий.

В прошлом году оператор провел работу по расчистке спектра в выделенной полосе частот 800 МГц и согласовал доступные зоны использования в Санкт-Петербурге. В результате LTE-800 в новом году
заработал в Центральном, Адмиралтейском, Василеостровском, Петроградском и Московском районах. Скорость и доступность 4G выросла до 20%, благодаря добавлению новой полосы.

Компания Nexign выполнила для МегаФона проект «Единый биллинг».

Совместная команда, насчитывавшая более 1500 человек, заменила 7 биллинговых систем, использовавшихся до этого телеком-оператором, на единое решение. Данные 75 млн абонентов были
перенесены в новую среду.

Благодаря внедрению новых технологий, например, продуктового каталога (универсального инструмента для управления новыми сервисами и предложениями), а также созданию фабрики микросервисов
МегаФон сократил время запуска продуктов на рынок от 2 до 5 раз. Создана новая партнерская экосистема, результатом работы которой стало более 100 новых продуктов и сервисов только за последний

Service maintenance

Ситимобил и Gett заключили стратегическое партнерство по работе в «Эконом» сегменте
При заказе такси через приложение Gett к пользователям будут приезжать водители партнеров Ситимобил, соответствующие критериям отбора Gett, например, с высоким рейтингом. Для клиентов Gett ничего
не поменяется. Для клиентов Gett уменьшится срок ожидания автомобиля и расширится география заказа такси по всей России.
Партнерство поможет усилить позиции Gett в корпоративном сегменте благодаря еще большему расширению географии, а для Ситимобил увеличить количество поездок и доходы водителей и партнеров. В прошлом
году агрегаторы тестировали модель передачи 1-2% поездок в пилотном режиме. В этом году соглашение о взаимодействии между агрегаторами одобрила ФАС России, что позволит агрегаторам расширить
сотрудничество по всей России.

Vivo объявляет об открытии официальных сервисных центров в Казани, Екатеринбурге и Владивостоке. Пользователи устройств компании смогут получить полный спектр гарантийного
и сервисного обслуживания, приобрести официальные аксессуары vivo. Большинство ремонтных работ выполняются в присутствие заказчика в течение 40 минут, в то время как для клиентов созданы условия
для комфортного ожидания. При необходимости может быть предоставлена услуга бесплатной доставки обслуживаемого устройства по указанному адресу.


«М.Видео-Эльдорадо» внедряет систему видеоаналитики в магазинах

ГК «М.Видео-Эльдорадо» тестирует в магазинах управление персоналом и клиентским сервисом на основе данные видеоаналитики. Пилотный проект проводится в рамках трёх рабочих аналитических
сценариев: «одинокий покупатель», «очередь у касс» и «тепловая карта магазина».

Данные с IP-камер магазина обрабатываются нейронной сетью на основе YOLO – решения для детекции множественных объектов на изображении. Для обработки видеопотока используются
облачные решения и инфраструктура на основе Raspberry. Интеллектуальное решение в режиме реального времени анализирует поток данных оно может отличить сотрудников от посетителей, а затем
«накладывает» данные о местоположении людей на план магазина.

Первым рабочим сценарием для тестирования в рамках системы видеоаналитики стала помощь покупателям, которые некоторое время стоят или перемещаются по торговому залу в одиночку. ИТ-решение
позволяет оперативно выявить таких клиентов и отправляет уведомление в чат-бот магазина, после чего свободный консультант подходит к клиенту и оказывает персонализированную помощь.


«Техносерв» создал в технической дирекции новый центр компетенций

– промышленного инжиниринга и автоматизации, в нем были консолидированы имеющиеся компетенции по этому направлению. Задача подразделения – развивать имеющуюся экспертизу, расширять спектр
решений и разрабатывать собственные продукты. Возглавил центр компетенций Максим Маркин, который более 15 лет специализируется в сфере внедрения крупных комплексных инфраструктурных

Дистрибуция Ретейл и торговля Финансовые инструменты

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