At Vanguard, Remedy wants to avoid the repetitive content typical of co-op games

At Vanguard, Remedy wants to avoid the repetitive content typical of co-op games

One of the projects of the studio Remedy Entertainment, which has always been famous for single-player games, is the multiplayer shareware Vanguard (working title). In it, the company plans to find a solution to the problems that developers of cooperative games usually face. This was revealed by Remedy Entertainment CEO Tero Virtala in an interview with GamesIndustry.

Remedy Entertainment is best known for its two Max Payne games, Alan Wake and Control. But in the future, the studio will also release a cooperative shareware game, and the developer uses its own proprietary approach in it: despite the multiplayer basis, Vanguard will offer a world, characters and storyline that correspond to single projects. However, the online gaming genre is often faced with one problem – the monotony of the content.

When releasing content regularly, a developer cannot rely solely on manual work and make each level and mission unique, according to Virtala, because it takes time and updates need to be released frequently. Remedy faced the same problem and is now looking for ways to solve it.

Beyond Vanguard, the studio wants to own at least two growing gaming brands with long-term success potential. According to Virtala, the best way in the industry to implement this plan right now is to release service games that are updated within a few years of launch. But this does not mean that Remedy Entertainment will abandon single AAA projects.

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