Audi abandons the development of internal combustion engines

Audi abandons the development of internal combustion engines

As the head of Audi, Markus Duesmann, told the German edition of Automobilwoche, the company has stopped all work on new internal combustion engines. This means that there will be no next generation gasoline and diesel engines, although engineers will continue the ongoing modernization of existing engines.

The upcoming introduction in 2025 of the Euro 7 standard with stricter emission limits will undoubtedly divide the automotive world into two different groups. On the one hand, there are those who will continue to produce cars with internal combustion engines, although they will reduce their range due to the transition to hybrids. On the other side, which will be more numerous, will be those automakers who have no choice but to permanently abandon internal combustion engines in favor of electric motors. Audi has joined this group, officially announcing the completion of the development of internal combustion engines.

The CEO of the German brand, Markus Düsmann, said that the development of new internal combustion engines is no longer possible and that it would be better to adapt existing engines to future standards before they are finally phased out. This means that the production of the iconic TDI and TFSI engines in Audi is nearing completion, as is the production of two iconic Audi models, the R8 and TT, for which no direct successors are expected.

Audi plans to bring 20 electric models to the market over the next 5 years. The brand also announced its intention to turn major models such as the A4 and A6 into fully electric vehicles by the end of the decade.

This puts Audi on the same path that the rival Mercedes brand plans to take. Last week, Markus Schäfer, the board member responsible for Mercedes’ development, said the company would no longer develop internal combustion engines. “This means that the bulk of the investment can now actually go to electric vehicles,” – Schaefer said in an interview with the resource Handelsblatt.

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