Australia has developed a "spider Shazam" to recognize poisonous arachnids

Australia has developed a “spider Shazam” to recognize poisonous arachnids

Australian programmers Nick and Murray Scars have developed the Critterpedia application for recognizing spiders. Writes about it Cnet. The service is designed to make life easier for people who find it difficult to recognize dangerous arachnids, of which there are more than 2 thousand species in the country.

The app is powered by artificial intelligence, which was created in collaboration with the Australian National Science Agency (CSIRO). The service is currently in beta testing because the AI ​​requires thousands of different photographs of arachnids to accurately recognize them. According to project leader Matt Adcock, the differences between some species can be quite subtle.

Apparently, the service will not be able to cope with its task without the Australians. In this regard, the developers asked the testers to send as many pictures of the spiders as possible so that the application could recognize them accurately.

“By leveraging groundbreaking cutting-edge technology, Critteripedia can help people gain a deeper understanding of wildlife. The service provides the tools and experience you need for a good education and positive change “– said the CEO and co-founder of Critteripedia Nick Scars.

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