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Available desktop processors “Baikal-M / 2” and the powerful 48-core “Baikal-S” will be released next year

The Russian microprocessor manufacturer Baikal Electronics has announced its own next-generation ARM chips. Three models will be released – two more affordable for desktop systems and one for powerful server systems.

Image source: CNews

Image source: CNews

On November 30, the CNews portal published information about the upcoming innovations of the domestic brand. According to Andrey Evdokimov, General Director of Baikal Electronics, in the near future the family of Baikal-M chips built on ARM architecture will be replenished with two new models: Baikal-M / 2 and Baikal-M / 2 +. They will be designed for PCs, mini-servers and industrial systems, and they will also be used in the segment of “light” workstations and thin clients.

The processors will be built using a 28-nanometer process technology on ARM Cortex-A57 cores with a 64-bit architecture. They will receive 512 KB of cache memory per core, a DDR3 and DDR4 memory controller. The graphics core will be Mali-T628. The chips differ from each other only in the number of cores, the “Baikal-M / 2 +” has eight, and the “Baikal-M / 2” four. Also, the processors will receive a PCIe Gen3 interface (4 + 4 + 4 lanes) and support for the SATA III (6 Gb / s) interface.

The company is preparing “Baikal-S” for servers and supercomputers. It will be completed using a 16-nanometer process technology. It will have 48 cores of powerful ARM-Cortex A75 with a frequency of 2 GHz (it will be able to dynamically change). Speaking about the features of Baikal-S, the manufacturer does not name the exact characteristics, but allocates a large number of PCI Express lanes and RAM controllers, four interconnects and support for trusted loading. At the same time, under maximum load conditions, power consumption will not exceed 120 W, which is a very modest consumption for a server processor.

It is expected that “Baikal-M / 2” and “Baikal-S” will enter the market in the third quarter of 2021. And production will begin early next year. Earlier it was reported that “Baikal Electronics” in the near future will order the production of at least 213 thousand chips from the Taiwanese TSMC factory. The order is estimated at $ 11 million.

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