Axis introduced video encoders with a new generation chip

Axis introduced video encoders with a new generation chip

Catherine Alexandrova

Axis Communications has introduced two new video encoders – AXIS M7104 and AXIS P7304. Equipped with the latest generation of ARTPEC-7 chip and ZipStream technology, they help users make seamless
the transition from analog equipment to IP technology.

The new 4-channel AXIS M71 and P73 video encoders feature RS-485/422 ports for controlling analog PTZ cameras with pan, tilt, and zoom. Devices support features
image mining, such as motion detector and tampering. Both models are created on an open platform and can be used in conjunction with
equipment and software from other suppliers. The ARTPEC-7 chip they feature enhances cybersecurity features.


Also, the AXIS M7104 and AXIS P7304 have Zipstream technology with support for H.264 / H.265 video compression formats, which reduces the amount of uploaded traffic and file storage costs while providing
this is the quality of the image. Video encoders allow you to store data on a server, local disk, or cloud, and with Power over Ethernet (PoE) technology for direct connection
Only one network cable is required for the IP network and the power supply.

The AXIS M7104 is a cost-effective video encoder. The P73 is additionally equipped with inputs for external analog or digital microphones, as well as linear outputs. it
The device supports two-way audio transmission and has detection functions.

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