BioWare Shares Another Dragon Age 4 Concept Art

BioWare Shares Another Dragon Age 4 Concept Art

BioWare has released yet another concept art created by the artists for Dragon Age 4 to better understand what to expect from a future RPG. On the picture, published on Twitter by the game’s executive producer Christian Dailey, a wizard can be seen armed with a twisted old wand.

Post a new drawing offered Creative Director Matthew Goldman to delight the news-waiting fans of the universe. And then he complemented it comment: “See you at Minratos!”… Recall: Minratos is the largest city in the Dragon Age universe, the capital of the Tevinter empire.

Dragon Age 4 has been in development for several years, and after the initial teaser at the Game Awards in 2018, the full announcement took place only at Gamescom Opening Night Live 2020. And in December last year, a short trailer for the project was presented, which showed the characters of three classes and a large-scale fantasy city with buildings hanging in the air.

The developers promise that the game will be a sequel to Dragon Age: Inquisition and will take fans to Tevinter, as the events of Inquisition and Trespasser threaten to change Thedas forever. EA previously said it expects Dragon Age 4 to arrive no earlier than 2022 or even later.

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