Bitcoin collapsed by almost $ 3000

Bitcoin price changes in November are like a roller coaster. For the first time in the past three years, surging 160% since the beginning of the year and breaking the $ 19,000 milestone, bitcoin then fell in value in less than 24 hours by almost $ 3,000.

studioEAST | Getty Images

studioEAST | Getty Images

Bitcoin price on Wednesday at 16:45 Moscow time was $ 19,374 when the fall began. According to the CoinDesk website, the fall accelerated at night, and on Thursday by 12 o’clock Moscow time, the cost of bitcoin was $ 16 857.

Note that many analysts predicted overcoming the $ 20,000 bar. For example, Antoni Trenchev, managing partner and co-founder of Nexo, which provides loans secured by cryptocurrencies, said that he expects the bitcoin rate to rise to $ 20,000 and above.

“In the long term, I see nothing that could stop the irrevocable rise in Bitcoin, – said Trenchev. – This does not mean that we will not have rollbacks along the way. See what happened in March. Bitcoin fell 40% in one day during the coronavirus panic. A drop of 20-30% can and should be expected “

As a reminder, Bitcoin peaked at $ 19,783 in December 2017. Having reached this milestone, the “bubble” burst, and the next year Bitcoin fell to $ 3122. Then on November 5, 2020, it exceeded the $ 15,000 mark, on November 19 – $ 18,000 and crossed the $ 19,000 mark on November 24.

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