Bitrobotics develops robotic system for dairy production

Bitrobotics develops robotic system for dairy production


Ekaterina Alexandrova | 01/25/2021

Bitrobotics develops robotic system for dairy production

The resident of the special economic zone Technopolis Moscow, Bitrobotics, has developed a high-tech robotic system for stacking sliced ​​cheese for dairy production (in
GC “Neva Milk”) in St. Petersburg.

The peculiarity of the development lies in its unified production elements. 3D machine vision scans and detects the presence of cheese at the product pick-up point, and the delta robot picks up,
transfer and placement of cheese on a conveyor. Due to the high precision of movement and kinematics, the use of a delta robot allows you to get maximum performance when performing high-speed
operations for gripping and moving the product.


The compact dimensions of the delta robot are easily integrated into the production line. The process itself takes place “behind the glass”, which excludes direct contact with the product and keeps the line section clean.
Commissioning is planned for February 2021.

The development company has been working in the Technopolis Moscow SEZ since 2019, and its solutions have already been implemented at large enterprises of the Moscow industry. The new project will expand the geography of presence

The company is currently preparing to open a production site in Pechatniki, which is scheduled for spring 2021.


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