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Black Ops Cold War – in the shadow of last year’s colossus. Review / Games

Genre Shooter
Publisher Activision
Developer Treyarch, Raven Software
Minimum Requirements Intel Core i3-4340 3.6 GHz / AMD FX-6300 3.5 GHz processor, 8 GB RAM, DirectX 11 graphics card and 2 GB memory, such as NVIDIA GeForce GTX 670 / AMD Radeon HD 7950, 175 GB hard disk space , internet connection and Battle.net account
Recommended Requirements Intel Core i5-2500K 3.3 GHz / AMD Ryzen R5 1600X 3.2 GHz, 12 GB RAM, DirectX 11 graphics card and 4 GB memory, such as NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 / AMD Radeon R9 390
release date November 13, 2020
Age qualification from 18 years old
Platforms PC, PlayStation 5, PlayStation 4, Xbox Series X, Xbox Series S, Xbox One
Official site

Played on PS4

For the first time in three years, the new Call of Duty includes all the usual elements: there is a story campaign, multiplayer, and a zombie mode. And Treyarch studio had to work with Raven Software to assemble Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War in an unusually short time. In some places the rush is noticeable, but even in such conditions, we managed to make not the worst game. It will delight both those who enter Call of Duty solely for the sake of a single player campaign, and fans of classic multiplayer, who remained dissatisfied with Modern Warfare because of the map design and too fast kills. But there are enough shortcomings in it.

⇡ #Bright moments

The story mode offers several interesting innovations, some of which seem to be timid attempts to shake up the formula, while the other is already perfectly implemented at this stage. The choice of answer options in dialogues rarely leads to something significant – usually you see the consequences in the same scene and then do not remember them. And the ending is completely determined by the decision made before the last mission, which brings to mind the worst Telltale games with their illusion of choice.

Too much effort was put into this model to be shown for only a few seconds.

Too much effort was put into this model to be shown for only a few seconds.

The ability to customize your character, specifying the first name, last name, gender and past, led to the fact that the hero is silent throughout the game. When you choose lines during conversations, the protagonist does not say anything, and his interlocutor immediately answers. At the same time, creating a small backstory affects something – some lines in dialogues depend on your past job, and the chosen skills slightly change the gameplay: either you will do more damage, or you will become more enduring, or something else in the same spirit.

The main advantage of Cold War is the usual shooting range, more often than before, diluted with calm episodes. Of course, missions with non-stop gunfights have not gone anywhere: enemies are constantly standing next to red barrels, soldiers are jumping out from around the corner right at the second when you come up to him, they are allowed to steer a turntable with a machine gun – the familiar Call of Duty. And although during the passage of the films of Michael Bay are remembered not as often as usual, the action movie still turned out to be strong.

But you get much more pleasure from quiet moments, in which there are no explosions or firing. In addition to the usual stealth episodes that turn into another shootout after the first mistake of the player, there is an amazing mission in the KGB building, where, as an undercover agent, we try to get the key to the bunker. We hide the cut-down guards in closets, imperceptibly we penetrate into rooms where it is forbidden to enter, we talk with workers – even a map appears in this mission, and you can complete the task in several different ways.

The campaign this time is remembered not by spectacular scenes, but by quiet episodes

The campaign this time is remembered not by spectacular scenes, but by quiet episodes

Cold War expertly alternates these episodes with noisy gunfights, and the excellent pace of the storytelling helps to close our eyes to the crumpled (but still good) plot. The player is immediately thrown into the thick of events: the brave Americans are looking for a certain Soviet spy, nicknamed Perseus, who is trying to destroy the reputation of the United States by detonating bombs in European countries. We travel all over the planet, including on the territory of Germany and Ukraine, and are looking for evidence that will help get to Perseus and stop him in time. All this leads to different endings, one of which is very atypical for Call of Duty and goes against the comical jingoism of the series.

The only problem is that everything is happening too fast, and the heroes do not have time to reveal themselves. The Cold War takes place after the first Black Ops, so Mason, Woods and Hudson become one of the main characters. But if you mentally replace them with nameless unfamiliar partners, the game will not change. Most attention is paid to CIA agent Russell Adler, but he is not too interesting until the final missions. And even to call Perseus a worthy antagonist, the language does not turn at all – we know almost nothing about him. Even President Ronald Reagan appears on the screen for a couple of minutes – as if the developers wanted to add realism to the game, but came up with only one scene.

The campaign turned out to be short, but spurring to replay. Collectibles are valuable for the first time in a long time – they serve as clues to find suspects in a couple of side missions. But you will want to replay some episodes even without “collecting” – and even if in Cold War it is difficult to get rid of the feeling that an extra year of development would make the campaign cooler, this does not interfere with the enjoyment of the game. The final missions are especially good – some of the best in the series.

Vietnam is also to be visited

Vietnam is also to be visited

⇡ #There is a way back

The multiplayer is not surprising this time, but for some it will certainly be a plus. If you liked the online component of Modern Warfare, chances are good that Cold War will not be as enjoyable, and vice versa. Everyone has twice as much health, there is no additional acceleration when running, you cannot look around the corner with a weapon – the innovations that have recently appeared in the series are absent. This is the most ordinary Black Ops, in which they did not try to surprise anyone with anything – even the stimulants added in the fourth part disappeared, and the choice of the character affects only his appearance.

The series is still trying to take away part of the audience from Battlefield: in All Around, players fight in Supremacy and Assault modes in teams of 12 people, and in Fire Groups, 40 participants are divided into ten squads, where they mine uranium and deliver him to the bombs, using vehicles and respawning next to each other. But first of all, fans of Call of Duty should be interested in classic modes, and they delight in the same way as the multiplayer of the first Black Ops in its time. Only the technical component can upset you – Modern Warfare has set a very high bar for reload animations, sound and other similar elements, and Cold War loses in this regard.

The only significant innovation in this game is the change in the kill streak bonuses. Rather, there are no kill streaks here at all – instead of them there are a series of points that are not reset after death. Now even the worst player will be able to save up at least for a UAV or a package until the end of the match, and experienced Call of Duty fans will not be able to constantly call for helicopters and bombardments – after using the bonus, a timer appears that prohibits re-requesting the same prize for a couple of minutes … At the same time, the game still rewards those who kill enemies one by one and stay alive for a long time – they are given more points.

One of the multiplayer maps is located in Moscow, and this is one of the best locations for traditional modes

One of the multiplayer maps is located in Moscow, and this is one of the best locations for traditional modes

Those tired of instant deaths in Modern Warfare will be much more comfortable in Cold War, although the usual Treyarch compensation for lag (when a player with a bad connection has an advantage) sometimes makes itself felt. The only problem is the cards. First, there are few of them – only eight. Secondly, not all of them turned out to be successful. Some are great for classic modes, others are too big for twelve players, which is why in “Murder Confirmed” and “Team Battle” you often run around and look for at least someone.

Zombie mode also seems like a “budget” option for what we used to get. For example, there are no unique characters here – we take the same operators that are offered in multiplayer. And the only map available is an updated and expanded version of the map from the very first zombie mode in the series in 2008, which also seems to be an attempt to save a little on creating a new location. However, this does not prevent the mode from remaining as fun and full of surprises as it was before, only now it can boast several interesting features.

For new players, the “Zombie” mode seemed a strange entertainment, very confusing and incomprehensible, with a bunch of menus, upgrades and other things. Here we tried to make everything a little simpler: instead of a starting pistol, they give out a pre-selected weapon, a mini-map in the corner shows the location of points of interest like ammo boxes (and even zombies are marked on it), opponents leave behind grenades and other valuable items. But this, of course, does not save from the lack of content, plus for some reason, when playing alone, it is no longer allowed to add bots to your squad.

With the atmosphere in zombie mode, everything is fine as always

The atmosphere in the zombie mode is fine as always


Against the background of last year’s Modern Warfare, the new Call of Duty looks rather dull – it seems to provide fans of the series with what they lacked in 2019, but too little development time has hurt it. The storyline campaign is much better than the previous one, but the story is too short. Multiplayer has returned to more familiar mechanics, but the cards are not perfect, and overall the quality is lower. And the zombie mode offers too little content. It’s just the new Call of Duty – I don’t want to scold too much, but there’s not much to praise for.


  • new ideas for the series in the story campaign;
  • excellent storytelling pace helps you not to get bored;
  • fun multiplayer in the spirit of the first Black Ops;
  • innovations in zombie mode make it a little more understandable for newbies.


  • the campaign is short and does not have time to reveal the characters or answer some questions;
  • in terms of graphics and sound, the game is worse than its predecessor, which is especially noticeable online;
  • not all maps in multiplayer are good for twelve-player clashes;
  • lack of content in zombie mode.

Graphic arts

In many ways, Cold War is a step back from Modern Warfare. Treyarch did not use Infinity Ward’s developments and made the game on its own version of the engine.


The same can be said about the sound, but here it is worth noting the Russian localization in the plot: this, fortunately, is not the hell we listened to in Black Ops III, but the lack of emotion among the actors can spoil the impression.

Single player game

The plot campaign is too short this time – although the story itself is not bad, all events are developing so rapidly that you do not have time to really digest anything. But there are plenty of excellent and new (for the series) ideas here, even if not all are implemented to the fullest.

Collective game

The main difference between the local multiplayer and Modern Warfare is that the kill time is almost doubled. Based on this alone, you can already easily decide whether you want to spend time here or stay in last year’s faster game.

General impression

The usual Call of Duty with the usual components, which this time practically does not surprise with anything and sometimes loses against the background of its predecessor.

Score: 7, 0/ten

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