BMW unveils Motorrad Definition CE 04 electric scooter concept with futuristic design

BMW unveils Motorrad Definition CE 04 electric scooter concept with futuristic design

Following the BMW iX electric crossover unveiled today, the German automaker has unveiled a concept version of an electric scooter called Motorrad Definition CE 04. At the same time, BMW said that the company’s goal is to “override the scooter segment”, And it is impossible to do this without launching something into production.

The manufacturer did not disclose any technical characteristics of the presented scooter, so data on engine power, battery capacity and other related information remains a mystery. It seems that the compact scooter, designed to carry a driver and one passenger, is focused on urban use and does not involve traveling long distances without regular recharging.

The scooter design makes the CE 04 look like a modern motorcycle. The batteries are located under the bottom, due to which the developers managed to free up additional space in the structure for storing something. For example, the driver can hide the helmet in a storage compartment located directly under the seat. In place of the familiar dashboard, a display has come, which makes the new product more industrial.

It’s worth noting that BMW is working hard to create a series of electric two-wheelers. For example, the Motorrad Vision DC Roadster was introduced last year, an electric motorcycle concept that captures the iconic design of classic BMW two-cylinder bikes.

When creating the CE 04, the developers relied on their rather practical BMW C Evolution electric scooter, which was released in 2014. This scooter has an impressive range (about 160 km) and speed (up to 130 km / h). However, with a price tag of about $ 14,000, the C Evolution is hard to claim the title of people’s favorite.

Over the past few years, BMW has been actively working towards the development of electric two-wheeled vehicles. In 2016, the developers presented the Vision Motorrad Next 100 concept bike, which looked like it was taken from the set of a superhero movie. In 2017, the manufacturer revealed the Motorrad Concept Link, which looked like a more futuristic version of the C Evolution. The Motorrad Definition CE 04, presented today, is in keeping with this evolution of design.

It is worth mentioning that if the CE 04 is removed from the concept category to the category of mass-produced models, BMW will face serious competition. There are already a large number of relatively affordable electric scooters on the market.

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